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what is a wine club?

If you love wine, then you probably know that it comes from different cultures. Wine clubs are modern practices that wine businesses have come up with to expand their customer base. Simply, a wine club is designed to offer the customers different types of wines every month, or every quarter of the year. A person is required to sign up for club membership. With this membership, one can access various varieties of wines that they could otherwise not buy themselves. Wine clubs come in a specific theme and pattern, and the recipients get white wines, red wines, or a mixture of the two. In most cases, you will find wine clubs in wine shops or vineyards. However, anyone can start a wine club.

Wine Variations

In most wine clubs, you will get varieties of red wine, white wine, or both. However, with modern creativity, there are more variations that have come up. These variations determine how the wine is shipped. So, you can get various flavors, regions, and number of bottles. What you need to know is that starting a wine club is expensive, considering that buying the best wine is also costly. That is why you will find the most wine clubs in wineries, large companies, wine shops, and online stores. If you want to find the best one, here is a list of the best wine clubs.

The great thing about wine clubs is that they offer a wider client base, and on the consumers' side, they get the wine of their preferences and access to new and quality wines that are not readily available in the stores. For wineries, starting a wine club is a great idea since it is a perfect source of revenue. Wine clubs operate on membership bases. That means you have to pay the membership fee and frequent subscriptions for you to be eligible for the club. This offers a longer customer lifetime for businesses compared to single purchases made every day.

It allows a business to launch what their customers love while at the same time promoting the new wines they have. At a wine club, a business is also able to release the limited brands that customers cannot find easily in other stores. Furthermore, a wine club allows a business to reach and keep in touch with the customers who cannot buy the wine frequently, and this creates a stronger business-customer bond that is worth nurturing.

Starting a Wine Club

Opening a wine club is like any other business. You need proper planning and registration. You also need to gather around 25- 40 members who can comfortably pay for the membership fee and subscriptions. However, you can adjust this number with time. A successful wine club normally showcases about six different types of wines in every meeting. You will also need to serve food at some point. For every meeting, you need one member to give s short lecture on the wine appointed. The lecture should be about the wine’s age, flavors and aromas, the origin, and the best food to serve with the wine. In short, a wine club is all about educating about wine, how to use it, where it comes from and how to accompany it with food.

Joining a Wine Club

If you are an individual, rather than a business, who wants to join a wine club, you need to know that you are in for something worth your time and money. Joining a wine club comes with various benefits as listed below.

  • You get access to various wine discounts
  • You learn more about wines and discover new ones
  • You get wine delivered and this saves time
  • There are rewards for wine club members


If you own a wine business, starting a wine club can be a perfect way of expanding this business. With enough experience, you can expand your customer base while presenting your new products. So, a wine club is perfect for introducing new wines, as well as reaching and keeping your customers. If you are an individual, joining a wine club comes with various benefits like those discussed above.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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