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lucky new years feast ideas for you and your friends

Are you hosting a celebration for your friends, family and loved ones this New Year? It can be stressful coming up with fantastic meal ideas that are sure to impress – after all, it’s one of the most important times of the year! It’s also the time of year when you wish each other good luck, good health and lots of happiness, so why not make a dinner to delight that includes a host of traditionally lucky ingredients? With these great ideas, you’ll be ready to whip up a tasty feast that your guests are sure to love and which will wish them good fortune for the year to come.

Pork Chops with a Bourbon and Molasses Glaze
It’s time to welcome in the New Year with a delicious entrée that’s simple to prepare but which is sure to tantalize your guests’ taste buds. Pork chops with a tasty glaze made from molasses and bourbon will add just enough sticky goodness to satisfy your friends and family until midnight chimes. Since pigs always move forward, this is a lucky meal that won’t disappoint.

Braised Collard Greens
If you’re looking for a lucky side dish to serve with your mains, it’s time to consider collard greens. Ever a Southern staple, greens are lucky at this time of year because they have the same color as money. They’re good for you too, which makes them an even better choice to kickstart a healthy new year!

Traditional Cornbread

Start off your meal with some traditional cornbread or serve it as an additional side to accompany your entrees. There’s a saying in the south that says, “peas for pennies, beans for dollars and cornbread for gold”. It couldn’t be a better choice for your new year’s meal, then, since there’s no more appropriate time of the year to wish your guests plenty of wealth in the months ahead!

Grapes at Midnight

A fun Spanish tradition is to eat one grape at every stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. If one of the grapes is bitter, you know that you need to take extra care that month as problems could lie ahead! Add some grapes to your cheese board at the end of your dinner and you’ll be ready to participate in this unusual ceremony.

A Bundt Cake

Cakes that are baked in the shape of a circle, such as a Bundt cake, are highly appropriate for New Year since they represent the circle of life. For even more luck, bake it with a coin or trinket inside – this is a Greek tradition for New Year which sees the person who receives the treat enjoy good luck for the whole new year!

Serving Your Meal in Style

These meal ideas are all ideal for the New Year, however, it’s still important to serve in style. Make sure that you look the part by protecting your smart party clothing with a professional chef’s apron. You can click here to order directly from Chefworks.com so that you can be confident of the perfect appearance once all your guests arrive ready to celebrate!

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