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hungry for meal delivery: why meal delivery services are here to stay

Meal kits are one of the latest innovations in cooking and meal preparation that has taken over the food scene for the last several years. The premise of buying meal kits is to encourage healthier eating habits for families and individuals. Perhaps the most important defining feature of a meal kit is the proportioned ingredients and instructions for cooking. Meal kits give even the most inexperienced cook an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and eat wholesome meals.

Why buy meal delivery kits?
Some would argue that there is no difference between meal delivery kits and shopping at a grocery store. However, many consumers agree that meal delivery kits eliminate the hassle of prowling grocery isles to decide what you want to cook for your family. In many ways, meal delivery services help busy people maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting the right nutrition. Meal delivery kits also provide a greater variety of recipes with international influences for those who have more adventurous palates.

Another notable advantage of buying meal delivery kits is adherence to dietary restrictions. If you want a low-carb diet, you can purchase meal kits good for an entire week and avoid the pitfall of cheating on your diet.

Promising numbers
In 2016, a survey showed that around 1 in 4 adults purchased a meal kit, out of which 70% continued to do so. Of these consumers who participated in the poll, 46% claimed that their reason for buying a meal kit is to save time on prepping meals. Another 36% of these participants also cited that meal delivery kits are a perfect way to try out new recipes.

How to improve meal delivery services
It is true that meal delivery services have a lot of benefits. But like any innovation, there is always room for improvement. Many of those who participated in the survey expressed their desire to have the option of dessert in their meal kits. While most people appreciate eating healthy food, it does not hurt to indulge in something sweet once in a while.

There is also an opportunity to make meal delivery kits more affordable. Meal kits tend to be slightly more expensive than buying ingredients yourself from a grocery store. Nevertheless, the convenience and variety available from meal delivery services more than compensates for the cost.

Apart from meal delivery services that are available online, it would perhaps add to the convenience if local grocery stores and food shops offer this option to their customers. Customers can call in their orders and pick up the meal kits on their way home from work.

There are many people who think that meal delivery kits are a passing fad. But the numbers show otherwise. If these meal delivery services listen more and cater to the unique needs of their consumers, there is no reason for these services not to flourish in the coming years. As more and more people aim to eat healthily, yet maintain busy lifestyles, meal kits, and similar services will remain relevant and in demand. 

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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