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How can you tell that the fish you are buying is fresh and edible? There are many pointers that could help you decide this, but the challenge is that it is not easy to tell if you have not been buying fish regularly. Although as a consumer you deserve transparency, some traders might decide to conceal crucial information so as to persuade you to buy fish. Here are some of the things you need to consider when buying from fishmongers to get fresh fish.

Go for domestic and seasonal fish

When you shop from online fishmongers, you might want to consider those selling domestic and seasonal stuff. A lot of fish is imported from other markets and sometimes not all of that is checked, so to ensure you minimize the risk of buying fish that is not fresh, you would need to also consider buying from online fishmongers who serve your local market. Many of them source their fish locally and will have seafood that is fresher than what you will get at the supermarket.

If the shop smells like fish tread carefully

One of the reasons you should avoid buying from a shop is if their shop smells like fish. There is that smell of fish that is about to rot, and that is what you should be keen to notice when you enter a fish shop. If you happen to discover the smell, it is advisable to look elsewhere as this could indicate the fish offered is most of the time not fresh. Alternatively, it is better to look for online fishmongers, who will most definitely deliver fresh fish that is sourced from their stores. Some of them even have ponds and will sell you fish removed from the water a few minutes earlier.

Your refrigerator does not make fish fresher

Buying fish from the supermarket and storing it in your refrigerator does not guarantee that you will make it better. Observe the state of the fish at the time you will be buying to know if it is fresh enough to be stored for a specified duration. Best thing to do is to ensure you use the fish after you have bought it, otherwise you might learn the hard way that fish has a short shelf life.

Consider an online fishmonger

There are many online fishmongers like AO Seafood Delivery that offer the best varieties. Most of these have reviews from previous buyers, so you can base your decisions on these reviews when you want to buy fish online. It is also one of the reasons you can get fresher fish from fishmongers than supermarkets since there is information from other buyers to tell you about the quality of seafood offered by the online fishmonger.


Fish is among the best foods you could enjoy. It is filled with nutrients, but when buying fish you need to be careful where you buy as you might get fish that is not fresh and therefore not suitable for consumption. Consider the ideas above if you are looking for the best place to buy fresh fish.



Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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