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how can a rock salt lamp improve your dining experience?


When you are hungry, the first thought that usually comes to mind is to eat and where we eat matters. One can choose to eat at home, outdoors or at a restaurant.

Eating at a restaurant is mostly a matter of convenience, especially for those who work during the day. For instance, who would carry lunch to work when you can visit the nearest café? Others want to eat good food that tastes good. In fact, a report by Technomic, a management consulting company, showed that 51% of people who eat lunch at a restaurant do so because of the quality of the food.

Another reason people return to these restaurants is the look and feel of the restaurant. Would you eat in a shabby restaurant because you are hungry? Most time the look would either make you order or make you walk away.

There are different ways to make a restaurant look appealing. Painting graffiti on the wall and lighting, especially cool light with low intensity, is another way to improve the dining experience.

Himalayan rock salt lamp is a cold lamp that has low lighting and is good for the dining experience. But, what is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

What is the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt Lamps have a large chunk of salt that does the lighting. The chunk of salt only reflects the light. These natural salt lamps are known to increase clarity & health as they produce a small radius of beneficial negative ions.

Unlike ordinary salt that have a white color, the Himalayan salt has pink color or a reddish shade. It is transparent and can reflect the light from the light inside. The light can be candlelight or an electric bulb. Electric bulbs are preferred these days because they are more controllable than a candle flame.

The salt used in these lamps is only available in the Punjabi region of Pakistan, from the Khrewra mines. Although it is called Himalayan salt, the pit from which it is mined is not close to the Himalayan Mountains. It is 190 miles from the mountain range and 5000 feet below it.

The mineral composition of the salt is the primary reason why it has the pinkish color as it has a high amount of iron in it. This salt has been mined continuously for many hundreds of years.

Here are a few of the benefits that you gain when you dine using a rock salt lamp as the base light: An Unforgettable Experience, Improved Mood, Good Air Flow (practitioners of the Himalayan Salt Lamps claim that the lamp has the benefit of cleaning the air around the light, a process called hygroscopy, a term in chemistry), and Reduced Stress and Increased Concentration (this therapy is called chromo therapy, a treatment which uses color to treat patients).  Himalayan Salt Lamps are used because they produce a soft light, which helps with attention disorder, stress and helps one relax.

You don’t need to have a session with a doctor or a therapist to enjoy this benefit. Merely going to a restaurant that has the Himalayan Salt Lamp or installing one at home is a great way to enjoy this benefit.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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