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Traveling with Kids

Kid-Friendly Zones: Richmond, Virginia  

Elaine and ten-year-old Steven Labalme explore Richmond, a city that straddles old and new with the gentility of a Southern belle. The former capital of the Confederacy is quick to showcase its Civil War history while a new generation is far more focused on the city's burgeoning restaurant scene.   




Springtime Escape -- Sonoma/Napa -- Part One  





If you are looking for Ethnic recipes, look no further than our Sally's Place Ethnic Recipe Section.

Ethnic Recipes

South African
South American

July Is...

National Watermelon Month, July Belongs To Berries Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Baked Bean Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Pickle Month, National Picnic Month, National Bison Month, Eggplant and Lettuce Month, Melon and Mango Month, National Horseradish Month, Nectarine and Garlic Month, and National Grilling Month.    


July 1

Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

National Gingersnap Day

July 2   

National Anisette Day


July 3
 National Chocolate Wafer Day

Eat Beans Day    


 July 4
National Barbecued Spareribs Day

Caesar Salad Birthday

Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

  July 5 
National Apple Turnover Day

Graham Cracker Day

July 6 
National Fried Chicken Day 

 July 7 
National Strawberry Sundae Day

Chocolate Day

Macaroni Day

Ice Cream Cone Day  


July 8 
National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day 

   July 9 
National Sugar Cookie Day

July 10
National Pina Colada Day

July 11 
National Blueberry Muffin Day

Vegetarian Food Day 

July 12 
National Pecan Pie Day

National Blueberry Muffin Day

Eat Your Jello Day  


July 13
National Ice Cream Day

National French Fries Day 

 July 14 
National Grand Marnier Day 

July 15
National Tapioca Pudding Day

Gummi Worm Day 

July 16 
National Corn Fritters Day

Ice Cream Sundae Day

Fresh Spinach Day

National Ice Cream Day

 July 17
National Peach Ice Cream Day

July 18 
National Caviar Day

 July 19
National Daiquiri Day 

July 20 
National Lollipop Day

National Ice Cream Soda Day

Fortune Cookie  Day  

 July 21
National Junk Food Day

National Ice Cream Day

National Creme Brulee Day

  July 22
National Penuche Fudge Day

Maple Syrup Day 


July 23
National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

National Hot Dog Day 

July 24 
National Tequila Day

July 25
National Hot Fudge Sundae Day 

July 26
National Coffee Milkshake Day 

July 27
National Scotch Day

National Cream Brulee Day  

 July 28
National Milk Chocolate Day 

 July 29
National Lasagna Day

Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

 July 30 
National Cheesecake Day

July 31 
National Raspberry Cake Day

Cotton Candy Day

Jump for Jelly Beans Day  



Credit: gone-ta-pott  website


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July is filled with Summer Fun including 4th of July, Bastille Day and the Summer Olympics.

StrawberryCremeTorte We have a special phenomenon this year. July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. Start preparing now for all the fun you can have!  With the long days of summer, you have many opportunities to barbecue, picnic, enjoy water sports, celebrate summer with friends and benefit from hours spent at the beach.

With temperatures climbing, provide your family and friends with refreshing foods that are also easy to cook. Guacamole, Taco Dip, Asian Mushroom Salad, Radicchio Salad with Blue Cheese & Peppered Almonds, and Ice Creams and Sorbets.

And don't forget the refreshments, of course.  Try out some new cocktails and drinks this summer.  Some of my favorites include Frozen Margaritas and Sangria.

Enjoy the lazy days of summer and be sure and check out the coupon from at the very bottom of this eNewsletter.   
All the best in food, wine, and travel.  


Happy July,


Sally Bernstein



Photo Credit: Diana's Desserts 

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sallywhisk_ekSally's Recommendations










Aloha from Oregon 


aloha_jelly The subtle flavors of fruits and berries or the robust flavor of garlic blended with the heat of Jalapeño, Habanero or Thai peppers make up these tart, sweet and hot jellies. Use as a meat or seafood glaze, spread with cream cheese on crackers, or use in recipes. These 33 "All Natural" products are perfect for any chef's pantry or gift baskets. Their seasonal pepper jelly called Christmas has two flavors (red and green) diagonally split in one jar. The flavors are 1/2 cranberry (red) and 1/2 jalapeño (green); also available are cranberry /jalapeño, for year round sales,  apricot/jalapeño, mango/plum ginger, pineapple/jalapeño, raspberry/jalapeño, and sweet onion/jalapeño split pepper jellies. For information, click here.  





moonstruck_chocolates Since 1993 Monstruck has been making handmade truffles in Portland, Oregon. Almost 20 years later they still handcraft each piece, using only the finest ingredients. They pair their own decadent chocolate with fresh flavors found in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and then hand-decorate each piece with intricate care.  There is a new Honey Bee Truffle, Hiwa-kai Hawaiian Black Sea Caramels, Baseball Truffles, and a timely Election Collection, including Donkey and Elephant election collection truffles. For information, click here



Flavor It Pitcher from Primula 


Primula_Flavor_Infuser Brew it, flavor it, or chill it in the new Flavor It Pitcher from Primula. Whether you're brewing hot or cold coffee or tea, infusing fresh fruit flavors into water, infusing mint or lavender into lemonade, or chilling mojitos for entertaining - Flavor It is an eco-friendly alternative to infused bottled beverages. The perfect pitcher, along with trend-forward accessories, makes beverage preparation easy. For information, click here.





rufus_teague_sauce Rufus Teague sauces and rubs are made in Kansas City, Kansas and are gluten-free and 100% natural. BBQ sauce flavors include Honey Sweet, Touch O' Heat, and Blazin' Hot. Rub flavors include an original and spicy and steak sauces come in regular and spicy. Gift crates and T-shirts are also available. And the company website says, "Good sauce makes bad barbeque good and good barbeque gooder." For information, click here. 




The Dog Dicer  

dog_dicer The Dog Dicer is a simple, lightweight hot dog slicer, shaped to fit a single hot dog (regular or bun-length) that will cut the hot dog into 48 half-moon shaped bite sized pieces.  The Dog Dicer significantly reduces the risk of choking hazards and makes hot dogs safe for children to eat, all with one quick, simple motion.  To order, click here.





Dave's Gourmet


daves_presidential The Presidential election is upon us and Dave's Gourmet wants to see if a hot sauce can predict the outcome.  They are selling two sauces: the Barack Obama Adjustable Origin Hot Sauce and the Mitt Romney Adjustable Opinion Hot Sauce (profits go to Cancer research).  Every bottle sold is a vote for that candidate and there is a tracking poll on Dave's Gourmet's website at





Traveling Matters   

If you are looking for a small group journey to Italy this Fall, 2012, Traveling Matters in the wine country of Sonoma, California is offering a special off-the-beaten-path itinerary which will include cooking classes, a chocolate course, wine education, artistic and historical walks. Their passion is traveling in a spirit of friendship and lasting memories and they carefully handcraft successful itineraries that make journeys unique and personal. For more than twenty years owner and certified international travel consultant Margarita Ramirez-Dalton has been writing, developing and organizing journeys throughout the world. For information: or call Margarita at 707-939-7638.




silpoura Silpoura is the original, patented, clip-on Silicone Spout for skillets, pans, bowls, and cans.  Use it to pour gravy and sauces, strain fruit salad, HOT or cold cooking oil, batter for pancakes, cupcakes, and muffins. Silpoura comes with its own detachable strainer for even more uses. It also doubles as a spoon rest and is made from food grade silicone so it will withstand cooking temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information, click here.


XAN Confections


XAN_logo XAN Confections (pronounced Zan) offers Ladybug Truffles (15 flavors in milk or dark chocolate), Signature Chocolates (Belgium style with a French Touch), Jewels, a Vegan Gift Box, Almond Toffee, Saintly Sins, Childhood Favorites, and more.   Their newest Coco line includes: CocoBrain, CocoHeart, CocoWell, CocoPreggers and CocoPMS.  Made in Irvine, California, these chocolates are available in upscale grocery stores and use fine cacao with no fillers.  XAN ships worldwide with next day delivery throughout Southern California. For information, click here   



Red Jacket 


red_jacket_juice Established in 1958 and produced in New York's Finger Lakes region, Red Jacket juices are all natural, unfiltered, 100% fruit juice and cold pressed.  You'll find 12 oz. plastic bottles of 100% apple juice blends including fuji, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry grape, blackcurrant, and light raspberry.  These drinks contain no sugar, no color, no flavorings and are never made from concentrates.  For information, click here.     






wild_thymes Six BBQ sauces make up only part of this line of products: Mama's Original, Hot Mama, Smokin' Hot Mamacita, Mama's Whistin' Dixie, Mad Moroccan and Thai One On.  These products are 100% natural, kosher, without any artificial preservatives or additives, fat and cholesterol free and extremely low in calories, carbohydrates and sodium. Most of their offeringts are gluten free and are made on their farm in New York's Hudson Valley and are now being sold at premier specialty and natural food stores nationwide, through their mail order catalog and on their website.  Other products include cranberry sauces, chutneys, dipping sauces, marinades, salad refreshers and vinaigrettes. For information, click here.  



For additional shopping ideas, visit our Shopping Page  


10% Discount  Animal Coffee Coupon
kopi_luwak is the original source of authentic Kopi Luwak on the Internet. Their range of Kopi Luwak Gift Boxes include a beautifully finished presentation box hand crafted from Indonesia teak, freshly roasted Kopi Luwak (ALL orders are roasted to order, they do not keep stock of roasted coffee beans), a sample of raw/unprocessed Kopi Luwak in a block of lucite and a Certificate of Authenticity.

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