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October 2012


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October Is...


National Cookie Month, Spinach Lovers Month, Popcorn Poppin' Month, National Tomato Month, National Seafood Month, National Chili Month, National Pork Month, National Pretzel Month, National Dessert Month, National Apple Month,
Eat Country Ham Month, National Pickled Peppers Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month and National Pasta Month.   

 October 1
World Vegetarian Day

  October 2
National French Fried Scallops Day

   October 3
National Carmel Custard Day

    October 4
National Taco Day

     October 5
National Apple Betty Day

      October 6
National Noodle Day

   October 7
National Frappe Day

  October 8
National Fluffernutter Day

October 9
National Dessert Day
October 10
National Angel Food Cake Day
October 11
National Sausage Pizza Day
October 13
National Yorkshire Pudding Day
October 14
National Chocolate Covered Insect Day
October 15
National Roast Pheasant Day; Mushroom Day; Chicken Cacciatore Day
October 16
World Food Day; Oatmeal Day
October 17
National Pasta Day
October 18
National Chocolate Cupcake Day
October 19
National Seafood Bisque Day
October 20
National Brandied Fruit Day
October 21
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
October 22
National Nut Day
October 23
National Boston Cream Pie Day
October 24
National Bologna Day
October 25
National Greasy Foods Day
October 26
National Mincemeat Pie Day
October 27
National Potato Day
October 28
National Chocolate Day
October 29
National Pancake Day / Oatmeal Day
October 30
National Candy Corn Day
October 31
National Caramel Apple Day


Credit: gone-ta-pott  website

Make this your most  
creative Halloween yet!

halloween_ice_cream_cones Halloween has a long history with various influences.  Pomona Day's apples, nuts, and harvest, the Festival of Samhain's black cats, magic, evil spirits and death, and the ghosts, skeletons and skulls from All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day.  The Halloween we celebrate today is often full of parties, "scary" foods and fun drinks.  Step up your game with some of the  spooky dessert and drink recipes to the left.  

Also, I hope you take some time to enjoy all that fall has to offer.  Go apple picking or visit a local pumpkin patch.  Make some hot chocolate and pumpkin bread.  Hunker down for the cool weather with a glass of fine wine.  Fall is the perfect time to slow down a bit and enjoy the falling leaves, the smell of mulled cider on the stove and the taste of your favorite homemade soup. 

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  All the best in food, wine, and travel.  


Happy October,


Sally Bernstein



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Read my "Spanish Paella Recipe" post on on Sally's Food for Thought blog. 




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New Articles





Enjoy these 10 Bourbon Cocktail Recipes by Justin Greig. Light bourbons accompany fruity ingredients while dark bourbons add robust flavor.


Traveling with Kids 


Kid-Friendly Zones: Traveling with Kids columnist Elaine Labalme and son Steven know that when New England's mountain resorts come to mind, we often equate them with two seasons: ski season and leaf-peeping season. And yet, these environs are equally appealing in the spring, summer and fall.    





Speaking in (Cacao) Tongues: Chocolate Buzzwords

Stephanie Zonis shows us that many of these buzzwords are meaningless, some of them have real substance and it's worth being able to separate the wheat from the chaff.   



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Dave's Gourmet


daves_presidential The Presidential election is upon us and Dave's Gourmet wants to see if a hot sauce can predict the outcome.  They are selling two sauces: the Barack Obama Adjustable Origin Hot Sauce and the Mitt Romney Adjustable Opinion Hot Sauce (profits go to Cancer research).  Every bottle sold is a vote for that candidate and there is a tracking poll on Dave's Gourmet's website at





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