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  National Pepper Month, National Raisin Bread Month, National Georgia Pecan Month, National Fun with Fondue Month,
National Peanut Butter Lovers' Month, National Apple Month, Good Nutrition Month, Vegan Month,  Banana Pudding Lovers' Month, Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month, National Pomegranate Month, National Roasting Month, and Sweet Potato Awareness Month.

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November 2016
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Salmon From Market to Plate
by Maureen C. Berry
Sustainable seafood advocate, photographer, and author, Maureen C. Berry of Madisonville, KY, debuted her narrative-driven cookbook, Salmon From Market To Plate, when you want to eat salmon that is good for you and the oceans, in April of this year. She is already writing, Shrimp From Market to Plate, her next book.

In a casual yet informed voice, Salmon From Market To Plate defines sustainable seafood, the differences between wild and farmed salmon, and why you should care. Maureen offers shopping and cooking tips, kitchen essentials and sustainable resources to help you become a sustainable seafood guru. Salmon features easy-to-prepare Everyday Salmon recipes, and for cooks who want to up their game in the kitchen, Chef-Inspired recipes, donated from chefs who support ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries. Salmon From Market To Plate is the quintessential sustainable seafood resource cookbook for the conscientious cook.

Visit Maureen's website at You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
To the left you'll find recipes from Salmon From Market To Plate.
All the best in food, wine, and travel.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Sally Bernstein 
New Articles

Gift Books for Foodies
Stephanie Zonis offers a list of some of her favorite food books, some new, some a bit older. Hot Sauce Nation: America's Burning Obsession, by Denver Nicks,  Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet, by Daniella Martin, and  In Search of the Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker's Odyssey, by Samuel Fromartz are just a few of her choices.

Art is a beautiful and joyful way of life. Encourage it to the fullest.  A child coloring, concentrated on a little table, surrounded by coloring pencils and pieces of paper is one of the purest images that one could imagine.

The Joys of Drinking Coffee
This coffee article is about flavored coffees, crema, coffee capsules, Kopi Luwak, and much more to help you enjoy the drink of choice for many of us.

Putting Together a Birthday Feast for Your Special Someone
Set the table with style, pick the perfect wine, set the ambiance (such as music or a fireplace), and choose the finest ingredients for dinner.  You can't miss making a great impression! 

California Dreamin' on the Monterey Bay
Sally explores Monterey as she attends the Monterey Bay Aquarium's 2016 Sustainable Food Institute. The Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa on Cannery Row is the perfect setting for this annual institute. One of the not-to-be-missed highlights is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, home to the Seafood Watch program, designed to help diners and shoppers choose quality, sustainable fish. 
Sally's Recommendations

MinuteĀ®Multi-Grain Medley

MinuteĀ® Multi-Grain Medley is a blend of four popular gluten free 100% whole grains. The grains have been divided into 4 separate bags and are ready in 10 minutes.  The four grains include: 
  1. Brown Rice - usually brown but can be black, purple, red or a variety of exotic hues.
  2. Thai Red Rice - also known as Khao Deng, is an ancient grain that has a pleasant and nutty flavor.
  3. Wild Rice - not technically rice at all but the seed of an aquatic grass.  It has a strong, hearty flavor that goes well with other grains.
  4. Quinoa (pronounced "KEEN-wah") - is a small, light-colored round grain, similar in appearance to sesame seeds.  It cooks up light and fluffy.  The protein in quinoa is a complete protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids.

SRP: $2.19



Lindy's Homemade Italian Ice is made in Charlotte, North Carolina but available in the freezer section of your neighborhood grocery.  Go to Lindy's website to find a location near you.  Their 12 flavors of Italian Ices are made in small batches so the flavor and texture is exactly what you would get from a street cart.  Enjoy traditional flavors or try something new. They're all fat-free, gluten-free and around 100 calories each.  Some of the offerings are: Tropical Combo (mango/pineapple); Berry/Lemon Combo; Blue Raspberry; Orange; Root Beer; Cherry; Lemon; and Watermelon.  These can be eaten as is or used in smoothies and in coolers. SRP: $ 3.49 for a box of 6.
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