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November 2017
  Getting Ready for Thanksgiving 
Getting ready for Thanksgiving, which is Thursday, November 23rd this year, will take some planning.  It is the favorite holiday for many of us as it is not encombured with gift giving and other holiday parties.  It should be the annual holiday for coming together with family and friends for good conversation and good food.  The traditional food items are turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts (in some households), salads (green and fruit), and an array of desserts.  My family likes pumpkin pie with "real" whipping cream, the kind made the day of Thanksgiving in a stand mixer.  Also apple pie, pecan pie and coconut cream pie are other dessert favorites.  With some advance planning Thanksgiving can be enjoyed by all, even the host and/or hostess.
To your left see a few Thanksgiving recipes, just in case you are cooking for a crowd this year.  More can be found in our Sally's Place recipe section
All the best in food, wine, and travel.
Happy November,
Sally Bernstein 
Sally's Recommendations

If you are baking for Thanksgiving you'll be interested in the following.  From humble beginnings in Plainview, Minn., to a multi-national company, J.R. WATKINS has a commitment to making hard-working products from high-quality natural ingredients.  They've made their products in the same factory for over a hundred years. Their "Gourmet" section 
includes Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Peppermint Extract, and Lemon Extract. They also offer "Bath and Body,"  "Health," and "Home Care" products.  Click here to order. 
Dessert Gallery Thanksgiving Harvest Cake
Sara Brook, a good friend of mine in Houston, makes wonderful desserts at her Dessert Gallery.  There are 2 Houston locations and Sara has a large mail order business. This Harvest Cake is perfect for Thanksgiving, as are many of her other products.  I was sold on her chocolate chunk cookies the minute I tasted them years ago.  Click here to order. 

Circulon Nonstick Bakeware 16-1/2-Inch by 14-Inch Roaster boasts a built-in roasting rack. There's no extra attachment to fumble with or clean, and this healthy cooking solution enables fats and oils to drain away from roasts. Heavy-duty Steel construction offers balanced heat distribution, and the roaster's rolled edges provide extra strength - enough to hold up to a 16-pound turkey. Oven safe to 450°F. the roaster sells for $19.99. Click here to order. 

Let Them Eat Candles
Chocolate Candles that are edible!  This is a new item on the market.  You light each candle, make a wish, remove the wick and eat.  Each candle burns for approximately 50-60 seconds. The candles are available in various designs and colors and come 3 to a package. These handcrafted, premium, edible candles are perfect for any celebration. Available in dark, white, and milk chocolate these candles are perfect for major holidays.  $11.95 for a box of 3 candles.  Click here to order. 

Paula Deen 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

This Country Barnyard Mixing Bowl Set is a must for all your Thanksgiving mixing needs. The charming set of bowls is decorated with illustrations of  
classic barnyard animals
in vibrant blue. Sturdy melamine construction features rubberized bases to secure against slips and skids. Top
rack dishwasher safe. $24.99  for a set for 3 bowls. Click here to order. 
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