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March 2011

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assisi italy workshopMarch is Culinary Travel month at Sally's Place.  What could be more fun than planning a food and/or wine trip! Our latest roundup of trips can take you to Southeast Asia, Poland, Tuscany, Japan, Turkey and France.  And as a bonus, some of these tours are offering discounts to Sally's Place readers. Be sure to check out our coupon at the bottom of this eNewsletter. And watch for more Culinary Travel programs next month in our April eNewsletter.    



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Culinary Travel

Explore Culinary Turkey 

Departure: May 24 & September 13, 2011

Tour Days: 11 Nights Accommodation

rozanes_turkeyMention Sally's Place and benefit from a US $150 discount per person! We know that in order to understand Turkey and Turkish Cuisine, you must experience the local history, culture and customs, so each of our trips offer a composition of Turkish  culinary delights, historical & cultural activities and outdoor activities for you to enjoy. You will visit local markets, homes and farms. We will teach our guests Turkish Cooking  using local products at  hands-on cooking classes throughout the week. We choose special category accommodations in each location representing the culture of the area. Our tour includes visits to the most interesting local sites whether they are mosques, palaces, rock hewn churches, underground cities, archaeological sites or underwater museums. Now's the time to reserve your space for the Explore Culinary Turkey tour  and benefit from savings at the same time. To view this tour and our selection of our tours,  please visit Contact us for more details at

Poland Culinary Vacations 

Get 15% off our premium 2011 tours and additional 10% off if you decide to pay in full when booking your Poland Culinary Vacation!
When you travel with us, you'll know that your Polish experience will be culturally rich, casually elegant, and truly unique. We travel to specially selected regions of Poland to learn about the roots of regional fare and explore how modern chefs are transitioning traditional dishes to contemporary cuisine. Our world-class vacations let you indulge your foodie side with hands-on and demonstration-style cooking lessons and trips to local markets, farms and festivals. Along the way we also visit with Polish bakers, farmers, shop owners and chefs to learn the secrets - and collect the recipes - of this outstanding culinary culture. To relax and rejuvenate each evening, you'll stay in comfortable, chic accommodations ranging from charming hotels to genuine castles and palaces. Each trip is personally designed and escorted by Malgorzata "Sarna" Rose, a native of Poland and founder of Poland Culinary Vacations. For 2011 Poland cooking tour dates and day-by-day itineraries please visit our website: or call us TOLL FREE 888-703-8130 or 406-579-6435.  Hurry! Space is limited to 12 people per week.

Flavors of Southeast Asia 

southeast asia
Join us for a culinary exploration and hands-on experiences through Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia by land and cruise. Starting October 17, 2010 for 12 days, small group. In a tranquil Singapore garden, crush the leaf of a coriander plant between your fingertips and inhale its aroma, spicy with citrus overtones. Soon it will punch up a delicious chutney to complement the chicken kebabs and roasted duck you have created with the help of a local chef - just one of the flavors you experience on a journey through the exciting melting pot of cultures, tastes and fragrances that is Southeast Asian cuisine. Singapore is a unique nation city state with centuries old cultures of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Pranakan each with their own cuisine. Come learn, taste and try in a culinary melting pot reflective of the diverse cultures. Later traveling by ship from port to port, experience the cuisines for Thailand and Malaysian in different and unique ways through our own shore excursions. Offered through the Road Scholar programs - For more details and booking, click here.

Montalcino Wine Tours 

Montalcino Wine Tours, a project by Wild Tuscany Tour Operator, organizes trips and other Tuscan style experiences catered to travellers who wish to explore the territory and deepen their knowledge of the culture, food, wine and lifestyle of beautiful Tuscany South amid Montalcino and the Val d'Orcia. They also collaborate with selected international partners in the creation and sale of top personalized tour packages for exclusive clients. The company sparked from the creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism of Giovanni Paris and Silvia Cesarano, two people who love this land, who live it every day and who want to share its most fascinating and authentic aspects. Join the Brunello Backroads Food & Wine tour May 8-14, June 12-18, or September 11-17, 2011. For more information, click here.

JapanQuest Journeys 

JapanQuest Journeys is a boutique firm specializing in bespoke "tailor-made" luxury journeys to Japan with an unparalleled and undiluted single-country focus. We deliver a wealth of unique Japanese expertise based upon decades of first-hand experiences and an intimate understanding of the country's cultural, historic and modern landscape. Food is a highlight of any journey to Japan and we will provide you with the finest culinary experiences that Japan has to offer. In addition to having insider access to the smaller, quintessential local restaurants that often serve the best Japanese food but which are difficult if not impossible to dine at unless one speaks Japanese, you will also have the opportunity to participate in some unique culinary related special experiences, including  a private cooking lesson with an internationally renowned Japanese cooking instructor. Contact us for more details at, or 1-202- 455-0095.

La Combe en Perigord 

A Culinary Vacation in the Heart of France

Located in the verdant Dordogne in southwest France, La Combe en Perigord  is absolutely everything you could possibly desire in a French cooking school. The accommodations in the 18th century manor house are beautifully decorated and appointed, and the setting is straight out of a picture book. Your days are leisurely spent exploring the nearby countryside, visiting the famous Caves of Lascaux, exploring medieval villages, shopping in local markets, prowling through charming antique shops, truffle hunting, visiting magnificent gardens and castles, lunching in charming and delightful restaurants, and strolling through the charming villages imaginable. And four afternoons, you will be instructed and guided in preparing sumptuous dinners using local ingredients that you will devour with gusto! The hosts are gracious and completely accommodating, and your guide is cheesemaker extraordinaire Paula Lambert, who is the perfect hostess and teacher.  What could be more fun? The week will far exceed your expectations! Paula's dates for 2011 are April 30 to May 7 and October 10 to 17. Cost 3200 Euros. For additional information, please contact 214-741-4072


Sally's Recommendations

me & goji custom artisanal cereal 


Rev up your breakfast with a custom cereal you design online and have shipped straight to your home.  What could be easier or more fun?  Adam & Alexander, "the cereal guys", have a novel idea. First you choose your base or foundation cereal (9 choices), then you enhance your base with nuts, spices and flakes (20 choices), dried fruits (15 choices), nuts & seeds (16 choices) and customize your order--or name your cereal. You can also add a photo to the capsule. There is also a 3-months, 6-months or 12-month cereal club, with free shipping.  Order online here


Dave's Gourmet 


Dave's Gourmet introduces its newest, 2010 Outstanding Pasta Sauce winner, Masala Marinara.  This delicious and innovative pasta sauce pairs the wonderful western flavors of a classic marinara with the spices (masala), lime, and coconut flavors of the South Asian world.  The result is an award-winning sauce that you would normally find coming from the kitchen of a talented restaurant chef.  This sauce is fantastic with pasta, rice, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetables.  Order online here.




Laura Plumb's Spring Detoxification Cooking Class in San Diego, CA  


Laura Plumb is a certified master yoga teacher and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. Her cooking class is much more than an instructional session on Ayurvedic recipes. It is a joyful celebration of food as sustenance, and nourishment and a reminder to bring mindfulness to this most basic of human actions.  On April 3rd from 11am to 2pm, Laura will focus on spring detoxification and will incorporate tips and techniques on how to lose weight, lighten up and rejuvenate.  Her class will include lecture, tasting, preparing and sharing a sumptuous meal together. The season's freshest greens and vinaigrettes will inspire her menu.  For more information, see Laura's blog at 



Anna Maria Volpi 


If you like Italian food there is no better place than Anna Maria Volpi's website "Anna Maria's Open Kitchen" for all your information and recipes. Her newly re-styled website has hundreds of traditional Italian recipes, all meticulously illustrated step-by-step, and interesting articles on Italian food history.  An indispensable reference for all Italian food lovers!  



For additional shopping ideas, visit our Shopping Page 

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March 1: National Pancake Day; National Pig Day; Peanut Butter Lovers' Day
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March 28: Something on a Stick Day
March 31 Bunsen Burner Day; National Clam on the Half Shell Day; Tater Day

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pamela_shelton_johnsPamela Sheldon Johns' world-class workshops in Tuscany, Campania, Piemonte, Emilia-Romagna, Sicily and Cinque Terre

Mention "Sally's Place" and receive a US$150 discount per person off any trip & a complementary bottle of "Sassi di Giove," Pamela's organic Sangiovese wine.



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