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ways the pandemic has changed honeymoons

When it comes to travel, the pandemic has changed everything, and restrictions have put a serious damper on honeymoons. Newly married couples in 2020 have had to make drastic changes to their plans. From trips overseas to all-inclusive vacations in Saint Lucia, most have had to postpone, change, or cancel their honeymoons this year.

Nevertheless, there's light at the end of the tunnel, and honeymoons are set to return. Still, health and safety concerns have fundamentally changed the hospitality industry, and there are many things that will remain changed even after the pandemic is over. With that in mind, let's take a look at how the pandemic has changed honeymoons.

Airline Travel

The airline industry has had to make sweeping changes to how it does business. As such, if part of your honeymoon involves flying, here's what to expect.

While specific policies will vary between companies, most airlines are enforcing strict cleaning and sanitation procedures. For instance, passengers are now required to complete a self-health assessment form before boarding and expect to wear a mask throughout the duration of the flight.

Many airlines are using electrostatic disinfectant and anti-microbial spray-on high-touch surfaces on the airplane. This practice ensures that the plane is as clean as possible. Also, sanitation wipes are being provided for passengers and employees, so look for those and don't forget to use them.

Social Distancing

Some airlines have altered their boarding procedures so that only small groups of passengers are allowed to board at a time. Many flights are also blocking all middle seats to keep people spaced apart.

Food and Beverage Service

Southwest Airlines canceled its food and beverage service for a while but has begun doing it again. However, if there are food and beverage services on your flight, expect to see singleserve bottles and cans only.

Resorts and Hotels

Resorts and hotels across the world have put in place new rigorous cleaning procedures. You can expect frequent cleaning and sanitizing of public areas. For example, hourly cleaning sweeps are becoming the new normal. Many hotels are also replacing air filters much more often than they did before
To implement these changes, businesses are designing new training programs for all staff. Insome cases, companies are conducting these training sessions virtually to limit possible exposure.

Less Staff Interaction

No matter what resort you go to for your honeymoon, you might experience less staff interaction than you would have had before the pandemic. While customer service remains essential for these types of businesses, one safety measure involves making specific procedures digital to avoid close contact while still valuing customer service.

You can expect a virtual check-in system and the option to minimize housekeeping. Be patient and understanding with the hotel staff as they adjust to this new normal.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

Another thing that the pandemic has changed for many resorts and hotels is their cancellation policies. To better accommodate a more chaotic world, the tourism industry is implementing more flexible booking policies.

Outdoor Destinations Are More Popular

Many couples are opting for honeymoon locations with plenty of outdoor activities. After all,most outdoor activities reduce exposure to other people and naturally maintain social distance. Expect outdoor destinations to be more popular, including Glamping and other resort environments that seek to combine luxury accommodations with an outdoor environment.

Cruise Ships Are Out

While going on a cruise was a popular option before the pandemic, it's mostly off the table fornow. Most cruise ships were suspended for much of 2020. This is no surprise, given how the cruise industry handled and played a role in spreading the virus.

More Couples Are Opting for Domestic Trips

With travel restrictions in place, many couples are choosing to keep their honeymoon destinations close to home. Since traveling by car is far safer than by plane, some are finding nearby resorts and hotels where they can still have a honeymoon without taking any unnecessary risks.

Some are also taking "first moon" trips with plans to travel somewhere more adventurous in the future. Because many couples have had to cancel their plans to go overseas, these first moon events are a way to celebrate as a couple while postponing more traveling fun for when after the pandemic is over.

Some Couple Are Waiting Out the Pandemic

Some couples choose to wait out the pandemic, postponing their plans until after the vaccines are administered worldwide. It's important for newly married couples to remember that they have their entire lives ahead of them. There's no reason to rush into something where you'll have to compromise the best parts.

The honeymoon is supposed to be an escape for couples and a chance to bond. If your headspace is filled with too much stress and worries about the pandemic, don't be afraid to wait until 2021 to plan all-inclusive vacations in Saint Lucia.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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