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prepaway-demonstrate your windows server skills by passing microsoft 70-740 exam

It’s a well-accepted fact that the Microsoft certifications come with several benefits. If you want to jumpstart your IT career, then passing any of its exams is the best way to do it. The vendor offers you numerous options depending on your skill level and your area of interest. Its credentials are meant to make you more proficient in the area that you focus on. This article is going to let you understand more about PrepAway.biz. It’s one of the tests available within the associate level of the Microsoft certification scheme. First, let’s have a brief overviewof new role-specific credentials and tests.

New Microsoft Role-Specific Certifications

The new role-based exams and certifications have been rolled out after retirement of some other ones. These latest changes have seen the introduction oftests that equip the professionals with hands-on skills meant to help them perform specific roles, including administrator, developer, solution architect, as well as financial consultant. Thus, if you want to be one of the specialists making a positive difference in one of the fastest growing industries, then it’s time to earn your Microsoft credential by passing at least one exam.

There are a number of Microsoft tests that have not yet retired. One of them is Microsoft 70-740, which checks your ability to efficiently perform tasks on the Windows Server 2016 infrastructure. The exam helps you earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential, an associate-level qualification. To earn this certificate, you have to pass three tests. Microsoft70-740 is the first one. We’re going to delve deeper into this exam by giving you the objectives and how you can demonstrate your skills by passing it.

Important Details of Microsoft 70-740 Exam

The Microsoft 70-740 test usually has 40-60 questions. The exam can have scenario-based and multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, screen review, and build list. The cost of taking the 70-740 test is $165.

Microsoft 70-740 checks your expert skills in installing, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring the server environments of the Windows Server 2016 version. These tasks also include Windows Server installation in host and compute environments, implementation of proper storage solutions, and implementation of Hyper-V. Other areas that you have to master are implementation of Windows containers and high availability, and maintenance and monitoring of server environments.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Microsoft is respected across the globe because it’s a reliable exam vendor. This is what makes its credentials the most popular and preferred bythe professionals and business organizations. Thus,if you want a qualification to get a job and keep it for a long time, then you should consider passing the 70-740 test. This serves as the pathway towards achieving the most sought-after MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. The other step involves passing two more exams. They are70-741 and 70-742.

The 70-740 certification test is not just about earning the relevant credential. You’ll attain expert skills that will demonstrate your seriousness and commitment as an IT professional. This will be a boost to your CV because the employers will have the confidence to hire you. This will also help your career grow to the next desired levels. The exam is designed to prepare you for your role as a network specialist,a computer systems administrator, a server administrator, or a network administrator.

The other reason to pass this important Microsoft test is the opportunity to earn an attractive salary. This happens when your skills can be validated by those you work for. The skilled specialists are reliable, dependable, creative, and precise in what they do. Earning the certification is definitely a great way to demonstrate that you have all these attributes! What’s more, according to Global Knowledge, the MCSA certificate is one of the “Top 10 Highest Paying Microsoft Credentials” with an average salary of $103,615 per annum.

Preparation Tips for Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Exam preparationis nolonger a problem. This is due to the availability of reliable study resources. If you’ve just started your exam prep, then it’s important that you get the right revision tools as this will boost your performance. Here are some of the most reliable resources that you can use to pass your Microsoft 70-740 test:

1. Microsoft Learning

Microsoft offers you great learning opportunities on its website. This is also the best way to know the areas that the exam questions are expected to touch. You’ll also obtain all the information that you’ll ever need about your test before you begin your revision.

2. Instructor-Led Training Course

The recommended Course 201740C is a reliable one. It will take you through the details of Windows Server 2016 and how to carry out installation, monitoring, storage, and other related functions. You can opt either for the training option, which gives you a three-month access, or the classroom training option that lasts for five days. The course also comes with hands-on labs that will help you attain practical skills and boost your exam performance even more.

3. Exam Dumps

Taking training or using study guides is a great way to prepare. However, there are also some other guaranteed exam prep methods that have seen many candidates pass their certification tests. These are the popularly known exam dumps that give you an opportunity to practice the knowledge that you’ve attained through training. PrepAway has some of the most trusted 70-740 braindumps. Through this examrevision material, you’ll get to know your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to go through the exam topic sections that still need your attention many times until you’re confident.

4. Study Guide

Exam Ref 70-740 is the recommended official study guide that will lead you through the requirements of this Microsoft exam. You’ll find some detailed information on tools and features of Windows Server 2016.

Final Thoughts
Passing the Microsoft 70-740 certification exam is a step towards achieving your dream career in IT. It’s the only way you can demonstrate your expert skills in the Windows Server platform. It gives you a chance for a lifetime that includes getting an amazing job and the possibility to earn better. Going for the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential will be such a wonderful way to assert your presence in the marketplace.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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