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super foods going down a treat in world of esports

Esports players and fans alike are changing their eating and drinking habits, as they begin to take their health more seriously.

Since its inception, when video gaming went from offline to very much online, the Esports world has been changing at lightning speed. One of these huge changes has been the way that Esports pros and enthusiasts look after themselves, both when they are in front of their screens or taking a break from online board games, battle royales, and card tournaments.

Part of this wellness drive is eating and drinking properly, rather than falling into bad habits such as always picking up the phone and dialing for pizza or guzzling a fourth cup of delicious coffee, to get you through another level or two.

Here we cook up a storm and then wash it all down with a healthy helping of all the super foods and drinks which are fueling the Esports revolution that is gathering pace online.

Energy Drinks with a Healthy and Natural Twist

Visit the live stream of almost any Esports star via platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming and you will quickly see that one thing that unites them all is their love of energy drinks. Plenty of players are even sponsored by the biggest brands in the energy drinks market.

However, whereas once upon a time those energy drinks were packed with as many e-numbers and artificial additives as possible, nowadays the trend is towards healthier alternatives. Many drinks companies are trying to give gamers the lift they need but in a more natural way.

Beverages such as MatchaBar’s energy drinks and Vital Proteins’ energy shots both promise a significant lift, just without the harmful aftereffects associated with artificial sugars and sweeteners.

Brain Foods Keep the Cogs Turning

So, now that gamer’s thirst is catered for there is the rumbling in their belly to fill. There are a whole host of snacks and dishes out there which are perfect for gaming nights, no matter what is being played.

The best of these are foods which not only satisfy hunger, but also get their brains working at full capacity. Some of these include green leafy vegetables, which are high on any list of best brain foods, along with fish that is rich in omega-3, and berries whose antioxidants stop those unwanted brain fogs from descending midway through an Esports session.

Some of these snacks may even sound a bit too healthy for some people. The good news is that other foods with similar brain boosting properties include treats like dark chocolate.

Snacks are key to keeping energy up during a gaming session. Old favorites like nachos and potato chips might taste good, but will probably dampen those all-important reflexes.

Foods That Gamers Are Ditching

Having noted the food and drinks which are very much in vogue with Esports enthusiasts, we thought we should also highlight some of the dishes and snacks which are being shunted from gaming desks straight into the trash can.

Anything high in fat like pizza or French fries are very much a no-no, leaving those who chomp on them slow and sluggish, which is rarely a positive when it comes to making lightning-fast decisions. Not to mention all the grease that can ruin top of the range keyboards, controllers, and mice.

Similarly, drinks with high sugar contents are gone, with huge bottles of soda being shunned in favor of those drinks that will have players feeling good about themselves long after they have finally decided to power down their gaming devices. This can include natural energy boosting drinks, or just gold old-fashioned water.

The general health kick among Esports pros has mainly come about after reports in Asia that some pro gamers were leaving their respective sports to concentrate on their well-being. With that in mind, expect plenty more health conscious Esports food and drink brands to pop up soon, and for Esports pros to be pushing them.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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