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how to make a traveler's paradise from your home

If you’re traveIn today's world, more and more people are becoming passionate travel lovers. Naturally, they accumulate a large number of different "trophies" brought from each trip.

These include souvenirs, guidebooks, mini copies of various architectural monuments and wonders of the world. What to do with all this stuff? How to create a passionate traveler's room interior? In our new article, we have collected the answers to these questions. These are ideas from famous professional designers and creative ideas of the travelers themselves.

1. The rules of interior design in the style of a "traveler's room"
We advise you to start with simple design elements and decor, such as retro chests, travel bags and globes in the general style and color scheme of the design, and other attributes of an avid traveler.

2.Geographic maps as an element of decoration
Geographic maps are a great wall decoration material. They can be used to highlight furniture bought from nfoutlet, via the decoupage technique. Plus, you can mark the places that you were lucky enough to visit on the map itself, attach photos of the places you have visited to it or use bright stickers to lay out routes for new travels.

3. Selections of photographs
The most memorable and favorite photographs can be hung on the wall in a large frame, designed in the form of an artistic collage.

4. Accessories and overseas souvenirs
We all love to bring stones, shells, corals and other natural souvenirs from trips to the sea. Here's how you can frame these memories - by providing them with a permanent place. Create a stylish interior using decor from imported overseas textiles, folklore elements from different countries, copies of various statues and architectural monuments.

5. 3D textiles depicting memorable places
Modern technologies help recreate any images and landscapes on curtains or walls, using 3D printing. Such wallpapers or curtains with images can transport your imagination to the countries and continents that you most remember and love.

6. For a refined decor that will take you on a true journey, combine the noble and the warm! For example, black metal furniture items and elements adorned with gilding with an oriental plaid or even an ethnic carpet. Consider rattan, which is also a great solution to bring warmth and exoticism to a chic interior.

7. Vintage decorations can take you far away!
Are you a fan of flea markets? Unearth travel-themed items! If you are lucky, you can find vintage objects for a tailor-made decoration: world maps, terrestrial globes, old pergaments.

For a complete decoration, you can also think of reusing old objects linked to travel: suitcases, trunks, binoculars, cameras. Your travel decoration will definitely be a hit!

8. Escape from your living room with some well-chosen elements
Your living room can become the starting point for your dreams elsewhere. A few traditional baskets, handcrafted masks and vases or even a map of the world above the sofa, and voila!

You can also bet on some key pieces: an exotic wood TV cabinet or a Berber carpet, for a maximum success!

9. A traveler’s paradise is possible even in the WC
What if you took advantage of the smallest space in the house to satisfy your decorating desires? You can turn it into a genuine tropical area, with green tiling and the right shower curtain!

And since this room will be visited by most of your guests, be ready to receive enormous doses of compliments!

10. Relaxation and escape in an exotic bathroom
Fancy a bathroom that takes you away from everyday life for guaranteed relaxation? Traditional ceramics, a bamboo ladder as a towel holder, and small objects in plant fibers can be perfectly associated with walls in exotic colors or a traditional mixture of white and wood!

11. The children's room can teleport them to London or New York
What if you offered your child to travel with the help of their own room? We believe he’ll certainly be up for it and that London and New York could even be among his favorite destinations!

Decorative objects in an English style, a New York taxi poster associated with some typical American road signs or even a Big Ben dresser are the details you can decide to focus on!

12. A travel decoration on your table for meals from elsewhere
Another solution for an everyday escape: cooking foreign dishes! We are not here to give you recipes, but to draw your attention to some dining room decorative ideas that may inspire you!

Thus, tableware with a vegetable or floral pattern or even two-tone stoneware can transport you thousands of miles away. And for special occasions, opt for an exotic table runner, so everyone can participate in the escape!

13. A parental room with a bohemian ambiance worthy of Bali
For a successful travel decoration in the master bedroom, multiple options are possible. For our part, we find the Balinese decor particularly refreshing and conducive to daydreaming.

Its atmosphere, based on white, wood, objects made of plant fibers and shells transports one in the blink of an eye to this paradise island

14. But what if I don’t have any particular travel related items?
Do not panic ! You will still be able to create a travel-like atmosphere thanks to some natural decorations. Bet everything on the green friends, plant decorations and natural materials and you will achieve everything you need to.

15. An ethnic decor that transports you wherever you want
Do you never do things the traditional way? Indulge yourself and opt for an ethnic decor that will transport you to the country of your dreams! Masks, statuettes and African fabrics, cacti, ultra-colorful Mexican linen and portraits of Frida Kahlo - which destination will you fall for?

16. Last, but not last, let’s talk about class and tropical torpor
If there is one super trendy style right now, it’s the tropical style. You will surely have no trouble finding inspiration for such a chic and exotic decor. The essential elements of this trend - vegetal, tropical prints and some very refined golden notes!

To cut a long story short, we hope this article has enabled you to get away from your hometown’s atmosphere and filled you with some ideas for a travel decoration adapted to your desires.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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