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September 30, 2006
Food at a Furniture Store: Swedish furniture retailer IKEA will roll out a smorgasbord of prepared foods at U.S. and Asian stores this fall. With a small food market and restaurant attached to each of its furniture stores, IKEA already dabbles in the specialty food market, specializing in Swedish dishes like meatballs, salmon, lingonberry jam and apple cake dessert that it serves at its restaurants and sells at its stores. IKEA's food offerings would expand to heat-and-meals featuring signature dishes served at IKEA restaurants. (Gourmet News)

September 29, 2006
New Napa Valley Gathering Place: The Oxbow Public Market, in downtown Napa, California, officially began construction with a groundbreaking ceremony on September 28, 2006. The 40,000 square foot marketplace, which includes a scenic outdoor deck with seating along the Napa River, will feature a diverse tenant mixture of local food vendors, artisan cafes and organic farm stands. Scheduled to open in the fall of 2007, the Market announced the addition of four new tenants to its list of artisan food and wine purveyors and sustainable local farms. Taylor's Automatic Refresher, Anette's Chocolate Factory, Venezuelan restaurant Pica Pica and culinary antique vendor Utensil will join Frasca, a new dining venture by popular Napa Valley chefs, Donna Scala and Scott Warner of Bistro Don Giovanni; organic wine, beef and olive oil purveyor Long Meadow Ranch of St. Helena; The Oxbow Wine Merchant and Wine Bar; Roli Roti, a fine European rotisserie; and The Fatted Calf, an artisanal charcuterie and butcher shop.

September 28, 2006
Healthy Product: Yogurt has become more popular in the American market, especially for women who know it is an excellent source of calcium. But yogurt also contains other healthy ingredients, such as live cultures, prebiotics, probiotics and inulin. Now Dannon has added fiber to their product. For breakfast, think fresh fruit, nuts, healthy cereal and yogurt.

September 27, 2006
Spice Tips: Ann Wilder of Vanns Spices shares these tips. Whole spices are "practically immortal. Grind them and they go down hill." Toasting most spices "brings out the best flavor." Beware of blended spices. "Each one may deteriorate at a different rate." Black pepper is "hotter than normal if the weather has been hotter or drier than usual."

September 26, 2006
New San Francisco, California Restaurant: Joe DiMaggio's Italian Chophouse, a 254 seat restaurant honoring the Yankee Clipper and local San Francisco hero, opened at 601 Union Street. Expect an American steakhouse menu with Italian touches.

September 25, 2006
New Chocolate Article: Fudge Sauce: The Real "Food of the Gods"-Columnist Stephanie Zonis shares a recipe for Hot Fudge Sauce and her Chocolate Find of the Month is Fudge is My Life.

September 24, 2006
The Ultimate Cooking Tool: Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers are a must for any serious cook. Both Tilt-Head and Bowl-Lift mixers are available in 8, 9, 11, 12, and 14 cup capacity. There is even a Cook for the Cure Edition in pink and $50 is donated from each sale to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The 9 cup Artisan® Series model comes in 22 vibrant colors. 23 Stand Mixer attachments are available for the various models.

September 23, 2006
New Los Angeles, California Celebration: Join in the birthday fun - from special offers to Web activities - as LA INC. The Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau celebrates LA's 225th anniversary through September 2007. Starting later this month, LA INC.'s Web site will feature 225 special offers and discounts to restaurants, retailers, activities and services throughout the region. In addition, find lots of information about LA's 225 years, including movie locations you'll recognize from the big screen and tunes you can sing while cruising our scenic streets. www.seemyLA.com

September 22, 2006
New New York Culinary Center: The New York Wine & Culinary Center in Canandaigua, New York opened early this summer and will be an educational and experiential gateway to New York State's incredible wine, food and culinary industries. A garden, cooking classes, wine flights, a bistro lounge, and an exhibit hall are all part of this $7.5 million project.

September 21, 2006
Photographers Exhibit in the Napa Valley: Mumm Napa presents The Ansel Adams-John Muir Trail Exhibit in conjunction with the re-release of Ansel Adams' book Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail, 1938. These rare vintage prints by Ansel Adams will be on display from September 23, 2006 to March 11, 2007 at the winery on the Silverado Trail in Rutherford, California.

September 20, 2006
Little River, California Inn News: Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse Hasn’t Gone to the Dogs--while hotels and inns across the country try to outdo one another by offering pet-friendly accommodations and amenities, Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse strays from the pack by declaring itself a pet-free zone.  The pet-free zone means no barking dogs in a neighboring room, no suffering for guests with pet allergies and no surprises on the lawn. Located off Highway 1, about two miles south of Mendocino, Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse is a place to escape the stress of everyday life and enjoy solitude and relaxation.

September 19, 2006
Food Promotion: The ultimate guide to tailgating is celebrity chef Mario Batali's new cookbook, Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style: The Essential Book for NASCAR Fans. NASCAR is the second rated sports series on television. Also, Hass Avocado is sponsoring the Hasscar to increase sales of avocados from Mexico.

September 18, 2006
Strawberry Cookbook: Wild Strawberries and Cream by Jo-Anne Clark Brown is for anyone who loves strawberries. The book features more than 120 delicious recipes including breakfasts, main courses, salads, desserts, frozen desserts, beverages, and jellies all made with strawberries. There are two sections filled with over 30 full-color photos of some of the recipes.

September 17, 2006
New Cookbook: 101 Things to do with Yogurt by Geneva Stringham--Yogurt is not just for breakfast anymore-it's now become a staple for those looking to lose weight, add calcium and protein to their diets, and ensure a healthy bacterial balance in the body. Did you know that nutritious yogurt can take the place of sour cream in most dishes? Discover all the uses for this healthy and delicious staple including recipes such as Santa Rosa Chicken, Smoothie Coolers, Orangeade Cake, Crispy Chicken Parmesan, Creamy Fruit Dip, Dutch Honey Bread, Hamburger Stroganoff, Yum-Yum Cupcakes, Chicken Puffs, Tortilla Wheels, Best-Ever Pancakes, French Cherry Cheese Pie, Yogurt Cheese, and more!

September 16, 2006
New Cookbook: Pantry Cooking by Laura Robins will help you create a pantry that will motivate you to compile a practical and convenient menu of meals that will not only save you time and money, but also give you peace of mind! In addition to great comfort-food recipes for each meal of the day, you'll find great tips on: Cooking without electricity, Storing water, Storing meals, Converting fresh ingredients for storage, Whole grains, Dehydrating fruits and vegetables, Creating shopping lists, Where and how to store food items, and Sprouting and gardening.

September 15, 2006
New Adventure Book: Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents by Marty Essen follows Marty and Deb Essen on a three-and-a-half-year-long adventure to some of the wildest places on all seven continents. This is not your average travelogue. This is a book that entertains, informs, and poignantly reminds us that we all share a small planet.

September 14, 2006
New Barbecue Sauces: Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Beer is now selling 4 barbecue sauces: Budweiser Original Barbecue Sauce, Budweiser Wing Sauce, Budweiser Beechwood Smoked Barbecue Sauce and Budweiser Basting Sauce. Look for these 14 oz. to 19 oz. bottles at supermarkets or online.

September 13, 2006
New Spice History Book: The Spice Route: A History by John Keay explores the prominent role spices have played in the construction of the modern world. This book, culled from historical commentaries and records, is a colorful and detailed portrait of the astonishing impact man's love for flavor had on the earliest stages of globalization.

September 12, 2006
Award Winning Newsletter: TravelSmartNewsletter.com was named the best newsletter for "travelers on a budget" by Money Magazine in the May 2006 issue. TravelSmart has been published monthly for 30 years and is the perfect companion for the traveler in you.

September 11, 2006

Chuck Wagon Cookbook: Barbecue, Biscuits & Beans: Chuck Wagon Cooking by Bill Cauble and Cliff Teinert offers 180 recipes and 265 wildly Western photos that capture the authentic cowboy life. Look for classics such as Chicken Fried Steak, Chili, Buttermilk Biscuits and Vanilla Ice Cream.

September 10, 2006
Pie Cookbook: Tarts With Tops On or How to Make the Perfect Pie by British food writer Tamasin Day-Lewis presents sweet and savory pies, covering English, American and traditional pies. This is a celebration of the pie, this most traditional, comforting, and delicious of foods, as enjoyable in the making as in the eating. Color photos abound.

September 9, 2006
Hawaiian Cookbook: Sam Choy's Island Flavors by Hawaiian chef Sam Choy is a hybrid of Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and European influences. Heavy on fish and chicken, with more than 200 recipes, Choy showcases his aloha spirit.

September 8, 2006
New Food Literature Book: Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Issue Two, has been published. This 123 page paperback includes fiction, poetry, nonfiction and essays all related to the topic of food by 35 different writers.

September 7, 2006
New Texas Diet Book: Texas Two-Step: Dieting Determination-Health And Happiness by John C. Bridgman and Amy D. Bradshaw is an informed and informative guide to a remarkable dietary plan perfectly suited for fans of Tex-Mex cuisine who are looking to lose a few pounds. As an ideal reference for people who can't get enough south-western food but must watch their weight, Texas Two-Step Diet opens readers eyes to the innovative ideals of healthy alternatives to fattening ingredients for those who enjoy hot and tasty foods.

September 6, 2006
Travel Deals: Save big with 225 BookingWiz Top Travel Deals in the US and Abroad , which are updated every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. Specials include hotels, car rentals and cruises.

September 5, 2006
Empty Nest Cookbook: The Empty Nest Cookbook: Recipes - Menus - Revelations by Joy Smith features more than 200 original recipes and 25 menus with "kitchen cook friendly" instructions. This cookbook is an enthusiastically recommended, feel-good guide to tending the kitchen and preparing family meals after the children are grown and gone.

September 4, 2006
Special Diet Cookbook: Cooking Without Milk: Milk-Free and Lactose-Free Recipes by Florence E. Schroeder is a straightforward, commonsense cookbook for the 50 million people in America who have milk or lactose intolerances or allergies. Unlike most of the current milk-free cookbooks that are free of lactose but not necessarily of milk, Cooking Without Milk is completely milk-free, with more than 550 recipes and variations of the foods people eat regularly with ingredients found in most grocery stores today.

September 3, 2006
New Wine Book: Women of Wine: The Rise of Women in the Global Wine Industry, by Ann Matasar, with its personal approach and global scope, is the first to explore women's increasingly influential role in the wine industry, traditionally a very male-dominated domain. Women of Wine draws on interviews with dozens of leading women winemakers, estate owners, professors, sommeliers, wine writers, and others in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

September 2, 2006
New Wine Article: Mike Grgich Honored at CIA in Napa by "It's Time for Wine" columnists Sara & Monty Preiser. The Culinary Institute of America showcased one of the men who was unquestionably in the forefront of the American wine industry.

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