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Where Staying Awake Means Staying Alive

by Emily Jacobs

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of caffeine? Many United States soldiers stationed in Iraq are currently facing shortages of caffeinated products and are seeking an easy solution to a state of fatigue that could become a big problem.

“Here in Baghdad, caffeine is essential to staying alert and awake while pulling guard,” one soldier’s email reads. “It had been nearly two months since we received any caffeinated beverages, and we were all hurting.”

As caffeine has become the solution to a dangerous lethargy, it is not just any coffee that these military officers are relying on--they reveal that extreme circumstances require a bit of extra help—a little more jolt. Recently Shock Coffee, with 50% more caffeine than a normal cup of coffee, has gained popularity with many soldiers stationed overseas for its extra caffeine boost.

“We are proud to be the preferred coffee of the Military,” says Jeff Rosesn, President of Shock Coffee. “We’re constantly receiving letters and emails from officers requesting more of our products—it’s a great compliment.”

Shock’s Hyper-Caffeinated product line includes ground coffee, Shock Ready-to-Drink Mochas and Lattes, Shock-a-lots, chocolate covered coffee beans for those who prefer to chew their caffeine and Shock-A-Cino, a Hyper-caffeinated cappuccino. While the Shock-a-lots and the cold Triple Mochas and Lattes seem to be military fan favorites, the Shock Coffee brand has been referred to as one of the “comforts of home.”

Shock’s success and popularity with military and civilians at home has spawned a trend for caffeine-packed coffee from the competition, including Sarah Lee (Mocha Alert), Dunkin Donuts (Turbo Hot), and McDonald’s (Premium Bold). While Shock coffee carries the motto, “Sleep is overrated,” for the American military sleep might be deadly. 

“We're always low on soda and caffeinated beverages to help us keep going,” said an army specialist. “And honestly, regular army coffee is just awful.”

In many military camps overseas Shock’s Hyper-caffeinated coffee has become the officer’s favorite choice of beverage. Several requests are processed everyday for those who crave that jolt of adrenaline produced by the all-natural brew. Soldiers are desperate to get their hands on Shock, the pioneer of its own coffee category.

“Shock has been welcomed by our Marines with open arms,” says one Sergeant. “The state of alertness, especially in the mornings, has definitely increased. Not to mention, your product tastes great.”

It’s not just the military that has joined the Hyper-caffeinated craze. The National Coffee Association reports that the percentage of “gourmet coffee drinkers” has increased to over 15% of the total US population – that is over 30 million drinkers. Turns out the pursuit of caffeine might just be what all Americans are looking for.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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