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best alcoholic beverages for the morning

Whether you are on vacation or want to recover from too much the night before, a morning cocktail can be a fun way to start your day. There are no rules when you can enjoy a drink and as the famous saying goes, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” There are some drinks that are more socially acceptable to have in the morning. In the morning, lighter cocktails can be easier on your stomach or bold enough to help wake you up. Morning cocktails may even be mixed with other morning beverages, such as tea, coffee, or fruit juice.


mimosa is one of the most popular morning cocktails out there. This drink is fruity and light and combines equal amounts of sparkling wine and orange juice. For the best results, many people choose to use champagne. You can even add some orange liqueur to add some more punch to your drink and give it a unique flavor. Since you are using wine instead of liquor the alcohol content is lower than other options, making it an easier morning cocktail to drink. This means it’s one of the most socially acceptable drinks to have in the morning.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is another morning cocktail favorite. This drink uses tomato juice mix with spices, garnishes, and liquor. Many people enjoy it for its spicy, bold taste. Typically, this drink is made using vodka, but you can use any liquor or spirit you would like. The drink can be made even more complex with different add-ons. Some ingredients you may want to add include pepper, hot sauce, green olives, celery, or sea salt. The more you add, the more it can even be considered a drinkable meal. Some restaurants will top Bloody Mary’s with pickles, shrimp, or bacon. Even though tomatoes are considered a fruit, they aren’t sweet so a Bloody Mary, when made correctly, should be slightly bitter, tangy, and spicy.


A screwdriver has vodka and orange juice and it’s one of the simpler morning cocktails to prepare. This drink is usually made with a 2:1 ratio of vodka to orange juice. If you are making this on your own, then you can change up the ingredients. If you want a stronger variation, add more vodka, but if you want a lighter, sweeter option then use more orange juice.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila isn’t usually thought of as a popular morning drink, but the tequila sunrise is best enjoyed in the morning. The drink itself resembles a sun rising. The bottom half of the drink has a red-orange hue from grenadine syrup and the upper portion is bright yellow. The grenadine syrup is added last so the syrup sinks to the bottom to create the effect. Not only will this drink look great in your Instagram-worthy vacation shots, but it will also taste great.

Irish Coffee

Coffee is the most popular morning beverage so combine some Irish whiskey and you have yourself a great morning cocktail. The alcohol content may not be noticeable, but the drink has a nice kick. You should also add cream, which is on top of the drink for an extra layer. Some variations include brown sugar as a sweetener. You can also use Baileys as a subsite for Irish whiskey, as it’s designed to be used for coffee and other sweet beverages.

White Sangria

Sangria is made using wine, sliced fruit, brandy, and a sweetener. Sometimes soda can be used instead of brandy. White sangria uses white wine to make the flavor less intense and great for a morning cocktail. The combination uses more fruit, which makes it even better for the morning. To make it sweeter, add extra fruit.


A Bellini is a similar cocktail to a mimosa that uses prosecco instead of champagne and peach nectar. It’s a great drink for the summertime, but it can be enjoyed during any season and is great when paired alongside brunch foods.


The greyhound is inspired by the screwdriver, but instead of using orange juice, add grapefruit. You can either use vodka or gin with a 4:1 ratio. Grapefruit is an acidic fruit but the flavors are subtle, which makes it a great option for mixed drinks.

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