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the joys of drinking tea

Tea aficionados have many choices when it comes to their favorite beverage.  There are five basic varieties of tea: black, green, white, oolong, and pu-erh. With over 3,000 varieties, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water.  Pu-erh tea is produced only in China and its processing is a closely guarded secret.  It is the only “aged” tea and it can be fully oxidized like black tea or unoxidized like green tea.  Another tea process is tisanes, or herbal infusions, that are brews using herbs, fruit and flowers (no actual tea here).  Two popular tisanes are peppermint and chamomile.  Tea is mainly grown in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Taiwan. 

The United Kingdom has an average per capita tea supply of 1.9 kg (4.18 lbs) per year.  It is one of the world's greatest tea consumers.  Tea used to be upper classes drink in Europe but became the infusion of every class in Great Britain and remains so today. Tea in the United Kingdom is usually served with milk but some people their drink tea black with lemon and sugar. Strong tea, served in a mug with milk and sugar, is a popular combination known as builder's tea.

Cooking with tea has been a popular for many years now. Sally’s Place website has a complete article on this subject titled Cooking with Tea. Here you will find recipes for: Tea- Marbled Eggs, Tea-Smoked Chicken, Green Beans with Garlic and Tea, Wild Rice with Tea, and Orange Pekoe & Grand Marnier Soufflé.

A relatively new way to make tea is in capsule form in a machine that accepts these capsules. Tea capsules of Gourmesso is one of the very best.  You’ll find the following tea infusions: fruit plum, black, herbal mint, green, and rooibos vanilla.

There is a complete magazine devoted to all things tea.  Tea Time magazine is designed for tea lovers. It offers informative articles that range from food features to tearoom profiles. Tea recipes, national tea articles, teapots and china with which to serve tea, tearooms, tea books, people in the tea industry (now and in the past), and tablescapes are all covered.



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