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Curated Picks: Best White Tea Brands For Tea Lovers

Curated Picks: Best White Tea Brands For Tea Lovers

White tea is treasured for its delicate flavor, subtle sweetness, and many potential health benefits. Made from young tea leaves and buds that are minimally processed, white tea contains high concentrations of antioxidants that can support health and well-being.

With so many white tea options on the market, it can be tricky to identify truly high-quality products. To help you discover remarkable white teas, we've curated this list of the top white tea brands that tea aficionados rave about. Whether you're looking for organic, fair trade, flavored, or pure white tea, these remarkable brands have something special to offer every tea lover.

  1. Rare Tea Company

Rare Tea Company is a UK based loose leaf tea brand focusing on organically grown and ethically sourced tea. They work directly with the growers, ensuring they have good working practices and are paid fairly. Their range of white tea is diverse, including Silver Tip, Jasmine, White Petal, Peony, and Malawi. Visit them online at rareteacompany.com.

White Tea from Rareteacompany.com

This exceptional brand offers white teas processed in the traditional fashion, resulting in beautifully delicate flavors. Their white tea leaves are hand-plucked and hand-processed to preserve optimum flavor and aroma. Rare Tea Company's white teas make an exceptional everyday luxury.

  1. Tea Leaves

For over 30 years, Tea Leaves has been dedicated to sourcing exclusive, high-quality teas from around the world. Their collection of white teas is exquisite, including organic and fair trade options. Tea Leaves white teas are beautifully packaged in airtight tins to preserve freshness.

Some of their standout white teas include Organic White Peony, Silver Needle, and Lychee White. Tea Leaves also offers delicately flavored white teas like White Garden Mint and White Ginger Pear. You can order their teas loose leaf or in eco-friendly tea bags.

  1. Harney & Sons

This family-owned brand has been blending quality teas since 1983. Based in New York, Harney & Sons sources exceptional white teas from China's Fujian province. Their collection includes Silver Needle, White Peony, Organic White, Jasmine Pearls, and other delights.

Harney & Sons white teas deliver delicate, refreshing flavors that make a wonderful afternoon or after-dinner drink. The Jasmine Pearls and White Vanilla Grapefruit are flavored with real ingredients, not artificial flavors. For a unique experience, try their Marble White - a blend of white and green tea.

  1. Tealyra

For an extensive selection of high-grade loose-leaf white tea, check out Tealyra. They source their tea directly from growers to ensure exceptional freshness and quality. Tealyra offers pure white teas along with imaginative blends like White Chocolate Peppermint and Lychee Rose.

Their packaging makes their teas easy to sample - many come in single-serving pouches. Organic and ethically sourced options are available. For convenience, Tealyra sells disposable tea filters and brewing accessories so you can enjoy loose-leaf tea on the go.

  1. Davidson's Organics

Focused on wellness through organic and fair trade ingredients, Davidson's Organics is a leader in sustainable teas. Their pristine White Peony tea delivers a delicate, comforting flavor. Grown organically in China's Fujian province, this Rainforest Alliance Certified tea has notes of melon and honey.

In addition to loose-leaf white tea, Davidson's Organics offers white tea bags and accessories like fillable tea filters. They also sell White Peony blended with energizing yerba mate for a unique flavor profile. Davidson's Organics is a brand you can feel good about sipping.

  1. Art Of Tea

Based in Los Angeles, Art of Tea offers a refined collection of unique tea blends. Their white tea options include organic Silver Needle along with distinctive flavored blends like White Pear and White Ginger.

Each tea is hand-blended in small batches to ensure superb freshness and quality. The ingredients they use are natural and free from artificial flavors or sweeteners. For an extra special experience, try their Hanami blend, which features cherry blossom petals along with Sencha green tea and white tea.

  1. The Republic Of Tea

This acclaimed tea brand sources single-origin teas and creates imaginative herbal blends. The Republic of Tea offers a selection of fine white teas, all packed in their signature round tins.

Their pure White Peony Tea delivers a sweet, soothing flavor, while their Peach Ginger white tea blends white tea with real fruit. Other blends by The Republic of Tea combine white tea with rooibos, vetiver, and jasmine for a unique sipping. They also sell white tea powders that dissolve easily in hot or cold water.

  1. Numi Organic Tea

From its start in 1999, Numi has focused on sourcing and crafting high-quality, organic teas. Their collection of white teas features organically grown and ethically sourced leaves from China. Standouts include Silver Needle, Jasmine, and Moroccan Mint.

Numi's teas are certified non-GMO and are packaged in recyclable boxes and biodegradable tea bags. Their full-leaf white tea bags allow for excellent steeping and flavor. Numi also makes honeybush "white teas" that are naturally caffeine-free.


White tea delivers a gentle, soothing drinking experience. With its minimal processing, velvety taste, and antioxidant richness, white tea is a refined beverage to savor daily. We hope our suggestions of remarkable white tea brands provide you with an easy way to discover your new favorite cup. Branch out and try different organic white teas to find delightful new flavors you love.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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