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Beans & Grains
by James McNair

Virtual powerhouses of nutrition, beans and grains are naturally low in fat, cholesterol free, and packed with vitamins and minerals, and beneficial enzymes, as well as being some of the best bargains in the grocery store. They are also the subjects of this great new cookbook, where author James McNair tackles these frequently overlooked yet delicious and healthful foods in new and inventive ways. There are a wealth of possibilities for the health-conscious meal planner among the thirty-five exciting recipes in this book. McNair has divided them into two sections. In Basics, cooks will find directions for preparing fresh or dried beans and just about any available grain to sumptuous perfection. In Combinations, McNair offers recipes that pair beans and grains with a host of succulent ingredients for wonderful dishes of every sort, from appetizers through desserts. With his usual concise, step-by-step instructions, McNair guides the cooks, and offers clear instructions on buying, storing and cooking beans and, perhaps most importantly, even discusses how to reduce the gas-producing elements in legumes, beans, peas and grains. A fascinating volume on the virtues and uses of the worlds great staples foods, Beans & Grains opens doors to a whole new world of delightful, healthy, everyday cooking.


James McNair Cooks Italian
by James McNair

You might buy this book just for the photos, and that would be understandable. But do yourself a favor: read the text. James McNair breaks down everyone's favorite cuisine by dividing his recipes into three categories: Beginnings (cocktails, antipasti, soups), Intermediates (hearty second courses and salads) and Endings (desserts and coffees). Have some fun and see if your creations can match the pictures.


James McNair Cooks Southeast Asian
by James McNair

The adventurous flavors of Southeast Asia come to life in James McNair's cookbook. Seventy simple recipes show you how to make everything from fiery curries to delicate noodles and soothing custards. A shopping guide, entertaining tips and basic how-to are also covered.


James McNair's Custards, Mousses and Puddings
by James McNair

More fun with McNair, as he leads us through a hot dessert trend, pudding, the new American comfort food. It's a collection that includes everything from simple cottage custards to elegant pots de creme. Some of these desserts are a snap to prepare, while others will require time and patience. Hey, a fine Bavarian cream is worth the wait. The photos are mouth-watering.


James McNair's Fish Cookbook
by James McNair

Trust me, you have never seen such beautiful fish dishes as in this book by James McNair. You'll learn how to steam, poach, simmer, bake and smoke fish, and that's only the beginning. You can apply these techniques to lake, stream or ocean fish, and rather than suggesting a particular fish for each recipe, McNair encourages you to use the freshest fish available. Hot and cold sauces to complement a variety of dishes are also featured.


James McNair's Soups
by James McNair

Ah, soup...warms both body and soul. In the capable hands of James McNair, you'll soon be the envy of your friends. Everything from creamy soups as a starter to hearty meals in a bowl is covered. You'll also learn to make the perfect stock for all of your soups. Betcha you'll soon have soup at every meal, which is not a bad idea.


James McNair's Rice Cookbook
by James McNair

And you thought rice was just that white stuff next to your chicken? Wrong! James McNair's flair carries over to rice in this slender volume. The fun starts with Caribbean Beans and Rice and extends to Japanese Donburi and Indonesian Rijstafel. The ever-thorough McNair also discusses the many varieties of rice and also tells you how to buy it and store it. Even his rice pudding looks like a dream.

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