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The Art of Eating:
M.F.K. Fisher's Five Most Famous Books in One Volume

by M.F.K. Fisher

This volume contains How to Cook a Wolf, Consider the Oyster, Serve it Forth, The Gastronomical Me and An Alphabet for Gourmets all in one. These five books are all uncut and all true classics of gastronomy. Whether they are recalling "graceful ghosts of dinners eaten" or giving a treatise on the correct boiling of an egg, they are flavored throughout with the wit, warmth and wisdom that is Fisher's own. Together they emcompass an eclectic collection of original recipes to all sorts of budget-saving good dishes for times when the wolf is at the door. Beyond the gastronomical bravura, M.F.K. Fisher was a passionate woman; food was her metaphor.
This volume not currently available from Amazon as of 12/99

M.F.K. Fisher and Me: A Memoir of Food and Friendship
by Jeannette Ferrary

Fisher has been long hailed for revolutionizing the way Americans think about food and has been called America's "Grande dame of food". This book is a series of vivid recollections of Fisher, and Ferrary's friendship with the elusive and elegant Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher. Ferrary writes of Fisher, "She's good at falling in love, in all kinds of ways with all kinds of things: people, ideas, moments. That's what her writing is about: enthusiasms." No longer is she M.F.K. Fisher, the famous and charismatic food writer, but in this book she is simply Mary Frances, the person beneath the remarkable literary figure. This is more than a biography of a dynamic writer; it is a tribute to a friendship, a love letter and thank-you note from Ferrary to Fisher.

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