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Diabetes: Do I have to give up chocolate and what about sweets?  The answer… 

by Linda Gassenheimer

“I just became a diabetic and am a chocoholic.  What can I do?”  A listener recently called into my WLRN- NPR radio program asking this question.  I was interviewing Dr. Diane Krieger.  She’s a Board Certified Endocrinologist and a diabetes expert.  She was talking about the myths and realities of eating for people with diabetes.

Her answer was, “eaten in small amounts as part of a healthy meal and exercise plan, you can have chocolate.” Today, research has shown that dark chocolate has some beneficial health effects.  It contains antioxidants that help protect against heart disease. 

Yes, you can have your chocolate; one ounce is a recommended portion. What does that look like?

You can even eat sweets, it’s the amount that counts and you must reduce other carbohydrates during the day to compensate for those in the sweets. It’s best not to indulge in sweets too often.  They contain mostly sugar and have little nutritional value. Be careful and read labels.  Many sweets are high in fat and calories. 

If you’re craving a sweet dessert or are out to dinner with friends, have a small serving of your favorite dessert.  Don’t settle for something ordinary. Or, order one dessert for the table and split it taking one or two bites for yourself.

What’s in a small portion?  Here’s a visual clue from my book, The Portion Plan, How to Eat the Foods You Love and Still Lose Weight


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