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Diabetes: Can I have snacks and what about some popcorn at the movies? The answer… 

by Linda Gassenheimer

Have you noticed the lines at the concession stands at the movies?  When I’m at the movies, I notice that everyone is munching on something.  It’s hard not to join in. 

But, you can snack during the day and you can have your popcorn.  Snacks low in fat such as air-popped popcorn are OK.  It’s important to remember that these foods still have calories and calories count.  It’s the portion that’s important. 

What does a good versus bad portion look like?

The portion distortion here shows the typical movie theater portion.  It can be about 12 cups and can have about 660 calories – and that’s without the free refills.  Order buttered popcorn and you could be adding another 200 calories.

A better choice is to pop your own popcorn.  Butter-flavored air-popped popcorn contains about 455 calories.



Instead of popcorn, try other snacks.  Dry roasted peanuts have 170 calories per 1 ounce or about 40 peanuts.  Almonds have 163 calories per 1 ounce or about 23 whole almonds. These have more calories than popcorn, but are good sources of protein and monounsaturated fat.


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