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African Food Terms

by Terrie Wright Chrones

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tree, fruit, juice, leaves, and seeds used

red pepper spice paste used in Ethiopia

a tuber which is the source for manioc and tapioca

Cola nut
flat seed from a West Africa native tree, flavoring for colas. Used in Africa to lessen thirst

multipurpose name for greens, including cassava, sorrel, mustard, collards, chard, and turnip

yam flour

mashed yam, or yam, corn, and plantain pudding

the African name for peanut, introduced by the Portuguese from Brazil

the West African word for Okra, American derivative of any stew using okra is called a gumbo

Garden eggs
term for a small green skinned African eggplants

starch from the cassava. Used in Ghana, in porridge breads

Joloff rice
spicy chicken and rice

Mealie and Mealie meal
maize of American Indian corn, a drier type of field corn. Stone ground white cornmeal substitutes

grain bearing grass, a smaller version is called Teff

Niter Kibbeh
Ethiopian spiced butter oil. Clarified butter to which nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom seeds are added with turmeric for color, browned, strained and uses as seasoning and cooking oil in Ethiopia

native to Africa, pods are gelatinous, adding a thickening agent to soups and stews. available frozen throughout the year, fresh seasonally

Palm nut oil and butter
from the palm nuts in Ghana. Almost impossible to find in the United States, highly saturated

a starchy banana, cooked like a root vegetable

cane like grass with a small cereal grain (similar to millet)

all purpose term for yellow-orange tubers.

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introduction  |  ingredients  |  terms  |  recipes

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