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Brazilian Cookbooks and Periodicals

by Reuel J. Smith

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Many of these cookbooks are long out of print, but for the true lover of Brazilian cuisine it will serve as a list of what to search for in used book shops. If you know of others I would appreciate an e-mail.

In English or bi-lingual:

The Art of Brazilian Cookery
by Dolores Botafogo
(Hippocrene Books, 1993)
Originally published in the 1960's and recently republished. Written by a Brazilian lady, the recipes have been adapted for the American kitchen.

Brazilian Cookery
by Margarette de Andrade
(A Casa do Livro Eldorado, 1975)
The standard, long out of print, Brazilian cuisine cookbook. Many modern Brazilian cookbooks in English have been based (or liberally copied from) Ms. Andrade's writings. Published in both Portuguese and English editions; very difficult to find copies today.

Tasting Brazil, Regional Recipes and Reminiscences
by Jessica B. Harris
(Macmillian, 1992)
Wonderful overview of Brazilian cookery with a heavy emphasis on Afro-Brazilian cuisine of the northeast regions of the country.

A Little Brazilian Cookbook
by Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz
(Chronicle Books, 1992)
A cute little book with a nice selection of typical recipes including all the components of feijoada completa.

Receitas Culinarias em portugues e ingles
by Pan American Christian Academy
(Pan American Christian Academy, 1992.)
Written with the foreign resident in mind, each recipe is printed in both languages so the dona-de-Casa and the maid or cook can use the same volume.

Eating Smart in Brazil
by Joan and David Peterson
(Ginkgo Press, 1994.)
Sketchy on recipes, but absolutely the best on describing regional Brazilian cuisine, ingredients, and cooking techniques. The comprehensive glossary is extremely complete and the discussions of regional cuisines very accurate.

Cooking With Ease in English & Portuguese
(Mansao de Repouso, 1973)
Good selection of recipes along with a very complete bi-lingual glossary of culinary ingredients and terms.

In Portuguese:

As Del�cias de Benjamin Abrahao
by Abrahao, Benjamin
(O Mundo dos Paes, ca 1990.)
Recipes by one of Brazil's best known bakers and owner of the highly respected Sao Paulo bakeries and pastry shops Barcelona Doces e Paes and O Mundo dos Paes.

Tra�ado Geral das Batidas
by Roberto Costa
(Editora Civilizacao Brasileira S.A., 1974.)
Everything you ever wanted to know about Batidas or drinks made from cachaca, Brazilian sugar cane brandy. Excellent section on the many tropical fruits that are used to make Batidas.

Churrascos & Churrasqueiras
by Claudia Edi�oes
(Editora Abril Ltda., 1975.)
Perhaps the definitive recipe selection on Brazilian style grilled meats and accompaniments.

Fogao de Lenha, Quitandas e Quitutes de Minas Gerais
(Editora Vozes, Ltda.)
Recipes from the State of Minas Gerais in the region inland from Rio.

O Doce Brasileiro
Nestle Industrial
(Nestle Industrial e Comercial Ltda., 1990.)
Over three hundred pages of beautiful photos and interesting recipes featuring ingredients produced by Nestle.

Nova Alegria de Cozinhar
by Helena B. Sangirardi
(Bloch Editores S.A., 1988.)
The "Betty Crocker" cookbook of Brazilian cuisine. Comprehensive and complete, from appetizers and soups to desserts and snacks.

by Maria Sibilla
(Casa Editora Vecchi Ltda., 1964.)
Brazilian versions Bombes, Savarins, strudel, empanadas, tortes, and cookies.

Salgadinhos para Festas e Reuni es Familiares
by Maria Sibilla
(Casa Editora Vecchi Ltda., 1967.)
Brazilian canapes and cocktail foods.

Sobremesas com Frutas frescas
by Maria Sibilla
(Casa Editora Vecchi Ltda., 1967.)
Gelatins, charlottes, puddings, compotes, etc. made to the Brazilian taste with indigenous fresh fruits.


A popular woman's magazine that publishes special culinary editions a couple of times a year.

Editora Globo S/A
A large publishing organization that produces periodic special magazines on some aspect of cuisine or living.

Brazilian food magazine published monthly by Editora Trad.

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introduction  |  ingredients  |  recipes  |  cookbooks

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