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8 Relaxing CBD Drink Recipes You Can Make at Home

Nowadays, CBD is pretty much a common ingredient/natural medicine in any household. People use it for both medical conditions and for relaxation purposes. As such, it goes without saying that some may get tired of the usual CBD taste/feel.

Given this, we decided to provide you with a list of interesting CBD drink recipes that will probably bring you more relaxation than CBD alone. All you need is some high-quality CBD and the following ingredients!

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is already known for making a really relaxing tea. Now, if you pair it with a couple of spices – cinnamon and so on – and with CBD, you get the ideal evening drink to prepare you for sleep.

Lemon Honey Tea

For those of you that want more tastes in your tea, you can try adding 2 tbsp of lemon and 5 tbsp of honey to roughly 4 glasses of your favorite tea. The result will be a drink that will melt down your throat!

Fermented Turmeric Drink

If you haven’t try fermented turmeric drinks before – you should. They provide a major health boost and are equally tasty. However, if you add some coconut milk and CBD to such a drink, you get an oily and soothing drink to relax you in the afternoon.

Julep Mint Cocktail

Relaxing drinks don’t have to avoid alcohol – just make sure that you don’t add too much!

A refreshing and relaxing cocktail can be done by mixing mint leaves, CBD, bourbon, and a simple syrup of your choice. Naturally, since this is a cocktail, feel free to add as much ice as you like!

Moon Milk

We all know that milk is perfect for relaxation and for a good night’s sleep. But with a couple of things added to it, you may even fall asleep while drinking it. What to add?

Well, start with cardamom, almond milk, a couple of dried rose petals, and finish the potion with a dash of CBD!

Chocolate Chip Smoothie

If you don’t fancy teas or cocktails, then you can opt for a delicious mint and chocolate chip smoothie. Naturally, it’s not just that!

For a completely relaxing experience, you should also add spinach, some avocado, and silken tofu – obviously, don’t forget the CBD and the chocolate chips. We’d probably use dark chocolate as it promotes relaxation.

Simple Latte

For a simple, organic latte, you can start with plant-based milk. To it, you’ll add a dash of vanilla extract, sweetener if you want to, and some CBD oil. You could also add some latte-specific coffee, but it would probably break the drink’s relaxation purpose.

Pina Colada Cocktail

We can’t have a list of drinks without, once again, a bit of alcohol. Some of us get more relaxed with this type of drink than with milk or smoothies.

For this particular drink, we recommend 40-60 ml of Pina Colada, just as much freshly-squeezed orange juice, a drop of lime juice, and the CBD. You’ll get a smooth drink to enjoy in your armchair.

The Bottom Line

CBD can be added to virtually any drink. However, it will not always be welcomed! Keep in mind that CBD works best when mixed with oils or with fats, such as coconut oil, vanilla extracts, and so on!

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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