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catering 101: the art of serving corporate events

What do think when you start thinking about corporate events? Is it a gala with people in classy formal dresses enjoying a glass of champagne and low-pitched conversations? Or is it sumptuous buffet tables laden with fashionably presented food and a jazzy bar with endless choices of beverages? It could even be a straight-cut office gathering to discuss the latest departmental policy updates with food served in bento boxes.

Whatever be the version for these corporate events, the common theme almost always is: Food.

Being in charge of catering at the event makes your responsibilities a high priority for its success. Check out the below tips to deliver a top-notch performance through serving at such events.

Get a clear brief: One of the most important factors of doing it right involves knowing your customer and the event’s purpose clearly. Is it a promotional event for the company where they want you to amaze the attendees with your service and food? Is it a brisk business meet where the food serves only the basic need of nourishment for the attendees? Know their expectation beforehand to surpass it in the right direction.

Know your clientele: Before you start pondering over the menu and serving arrangements, research your client profile. Are they traditional people throwing a conventional party? Are they a bunch of cool trendy folks who would love pop-up themes with contemporary or fusion dishes to wow the attendees?

Go light on the portions: The attendees in corporate gatherings often end up milling around to catch up with others in the party. So, choose dishes that are more on the dry side for easy consumption while standing and moving. Serving tasty treats in small portions is a welcome decision most of the times.

Mind the presentation: Depending on the event’s proffered vibes and number of attendees, you need to set the menu right. But even more important is the presentation of the food. Should you set up a long table with delicacies served in rows and racks? How about niche food-stalls each offering categorically different food choices? Could you bring in a food truck offering popular local dishes? When you serve delicious food with a unique presentation style, it becomes an instant hit.

Set a standard with your USP: Set your brand apart using every element of catering in the event. You could agree to an all-encompassing service contract with posh crockery, cutlery and wait staff. Or could be a menu that caters to people with various food-restrictions for a more health-conscious approach. Or, take responsibility of handling the wastes organically and become the eco-friendly brand of the day.

The bottom line is to serve healthy, tasty and environmentally safe food to the events’ attendees, keeping in mind the client’s positive image. Always put stress on the quality of ingredients. Maintain every relevant health and safety norms in and out of your kitchen and service areas.
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Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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