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3 tasty ways to cook with cbd flower

Cooking with CBD flower is one of the most natural ways to harness the power of hemp in your favorite dishes. Learn the three best ways to cook with CBD flower.

CBD-rich Cannabis sativa flower delivers the impressive benefits of cannabidiol in the most natural and simple form possible. Since it contains less than 0.3% THC, hemp flower is non-intoxicating, and this type of CBD product doesn’t include any added ingredients. For chefs and other culinary-inclined individuals, CBD flower is the best type of hemp product to work with, and in this guide, we’ll introduce you to three easy ways to use CBD-rich hemp flower in your kitchen.

Steps to take before you start cooking

Before you start cooking, it’s important to properly prepare your CBD flower and assemble the necessary materials. For each of the methods we’re going to detail, you’ll need a crockpot, a double-boiler, or another cooking implement that can simmer substances at low heat. You’ll also need a mixing bowl, a cheesecloth, a strainer, a mason jar, a probe thermometer, and (optionally) an herb grinde

CBD flower releases its effects better if you decarboxylate it before you start cooking. To accomplish this task, preheat your oven to 250° F, arrange your flower on a cookie sheet, and bake it for 30-45 minutes. You can grind your CBD flower before you decarboxylate it or leave it in its original nug form.

3 delicious CBD flower cooking methods

Now that you’ve done the prep work necessary to get ready to cook with CBD flower, it’s time to choose an approach that appeals to your culinary sensibilities. Here are three of our favorite CBD flower cooking methods:

1. CBD-infused coconut oil

It’s easy to add coconut oil to practically any dish, making this approach the most appealing to kitchen adepts who have mastered the art of versatility. To get started, set your crockpot or double-boiler to low, and combine 1-2 cups of melted coconut oil with 3-10 grams of CBD-rich hemp flower.

Simmer the mixture for 30-60 minutes while using your probe thermometer to make sure the temperature of your coconut oil does not exceed 200° F. Once complete, strain your coconut oil into a mixing bowl through a cheesecloth, and store it in a mason jar. You’ll then be ready to add your CBD-infused coconut oil to a stir fry, salad, or a variety of different baked dishes.

2. Non-intoxicating “cannabutter”

While a little bit less versatile than coconut oil, there’s nothing quite like genuine “cannabutter” if you want to make some non-intoxicating CBD cookies or brownies. To make your very own CBD butter, simply use the steps we listed above for our coconut oil concoction. You can then add your CBD cannabutter to your favorite brownie recipe to indulge in “magic brownies” that don’t get you high.

3. Add CBD to your favorite honey

Honey is a popular addition to tea, and there’s nothing better than slathering honey on top of your favorite baked treat. It’s just as easy to make CBD-infused honey as it is to make CBD coconut oil or butter, so just follow the steps we listed above, and use your non-intoxicating “canna-honey” for any recipe that normally calls for unaltered forms of this delicious sweetener.

Pick the right hemp flower for your kitchen

Your CBD flower cooking escapades will only be as impressive as the type of CBD-rich hemp flower you select. Hemp flower varies significantly in terms of quality and potency, and certain brands are better than others. Secret Nature, for instance, offers indoor-grown, organic CBD flower in a variety of different sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Learn more about how to cook with CBD flower at the Secret Nature blog, and trust this brand as your source of high-quality, artisan CBD-rich hemp flower

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