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cooking together: 5 kitchen date night ideas

With the whole world locked down, you and your significant other might be feeling cabin fever even more than ever. Plenty of couples make it a routine to spend quality time together and make sure that they get their date nights in. Although you may have temporarily given up your fancy restaurants and movie theatres, there is no reason that date night should stop just because you are stuck at home. Be inventive - think outside the box.

In fact, at home date nights can be some of the most romantic dates you will ever have. We have come up with five unique kitchen date night ideas that we think will bring you closer together as a couple and provide you with a date night dining experience right in your kitchen.

1. Cook a Fancy Meal

Search through recipes together or order a box from one of the meal subscription services. No matter how you go about finding your recipe, make sure that you experience the meal prep and cooking together. You will enjoy sitting down to the meal more than ever when you have worked so hard to put it together with your significant other.

2. Experiment with Wine Pairings

The way that wine interacts with the food that you are eating is generally a mystery for the general public. However, experts say that the best way to learn is through experimentation, so grab a bunch of different types of wine and start experimenting. Check out these wine club membership plans if you like this idea.

3. Make an Ice Cream Bar

Pull out the ice cream and get creative with toppings. If you really want to make it fun, try making ice cream bowls for your significant other and see how he or she like it. Cuddle up to a great movie or television show while you enjoy your creations.

4. Make a Cooking Challenge

Inspired by many of the great food shows on television, you could pull a bunch of random ingredients out of the pantry. Using those ingredients, come up with a delicious meal or dish to share with your spouse or significant other. The cooking part is the fun part. If the food is inedible, go ahead and call for delivery!

5. Try Your Hand at Cake Decorating

You can find cake decorating kits at local grocery stores or hobby stores. Now is a great time to stage a decorating challenge against your significant other. Post the final products to social media and have your friends choose the winner and the loser out of your fun date night!

Final Thoughts

Date nights at home can create some really special memories that will last a lifetime. No matter what you are dealing with when it comes to spending time with your significant other, that should always remain a priority. Couples can have a ton of fun when it comes to experimenting in the kitchen with each other and spending time together at the same time. Enjoy your next date night!

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