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3 different diet trends and how they impact your health

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New diet trends are constantly emerging. Each one of these diets promise incredible results, but it can be hard to determine which ones are just fads and which ones actually deliver. It’s also important to find a diet that has nutritional value and works for your lifestyle.

There are many factors that play into your eating habits. You must consider preexisting health conditions, the amount you exercise, and even how much free time you have. Your health comes first, so diet wisely. Here are some of the most popular diets, along with a list of pros and cons:

The Raw Food Diet

This diet is based on the premise that the cooking process negatively impacts the nutritional value of the foods you eat. Supposedly, it’s much healthier to eat raw foods. This diet requires that 75% of your food intake is raw food and asks that you eat mostly vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

While doing the Raw Food Diet, you should avoid eating meat, dairy, processed foods, baked foods, and certain refined foods like oil, sugar, and flour. You should also minimize your salt intake and not drink coffee.


  • Prioritizes eating nuts, fruits, and vegetables which are known to be rich in nutrients.
  • Increased weight loss because less processed food intake.
  • Less bodily inflammation and bloating.
  • Ensures vitamins are not lost by cooking.


  • Difficult diet to stay on track with.
  • Can put you at risk of foodborne sicknesses.
  • Can lead to vitamin deficiencies.

This diet has strict guidelines, so you may need some help getting started if you choose to try it. Read this raw food beginners guide for a more comprehensive outlook on what the diet entails.


The Keto Diet

What makes this diet unique from other diets is that your food intake must be very high in fats but low in carbohydrates. This diet works because it puts your body into Ketogenesis, in which you burn fat to produce energy as opposed to glucose.


  • Increased fat burning since body burns fat as a fuel source.
  • Benefits people who don’t exercise as often.
  • Boosts sensitivity to insulin.
  • Makes it easier to detox from sugar.
  • Can decrease hunger.


  • Can cause sluggishness and loss of ability to focus since brain needs sugar to function properly.
  • Lower carb intake means worse performance.

Vegan Diet

Being vegan means giving up meat, dairy, eggs, and poultry to live a strictly plant-based lifestyle. There’s significant evidence that says a vegan diet can have many nutritional benefits, but it can be hard to switch to this diet.

The vegan diet is also so popular because it has many environmental benefits. One of these benefits is that veganism helps conserve water since there is less livestock drinking large amounts of it. It takes significantly more water to raise livestock than it does to grow plants.


  • Promotes weight loss because vegans consume less calories than non-vegans.
  • Less at risk for certain diseases like type-2 diabetes and hypertension.
  • It’s much simpler to buy plant-based due to the diet’s increasing popularity.


  • Since the diet is restrictive, vegans tend to gravitate towards unhealthy vegan foods.
  • It may be difficult to get some nutrients like B12, or Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Eating out may present challenges since not all restaurants accommodate vegan diets.

No matter what diet you attempt, it’s important to understand the implications of changing the way you eat. Before anything else, you must be healthy and not try a diet unless you know that you can follow all of its guidelines and benefit from it nutritionally.

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