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chocolate dipping sauce for fruits and nuts

by Marnely Rodriguez   

Chocolate is called the “Food of the Gods” and rightfully so. The Aztecs developed what was first known as drinking chocolate. Only the kings were allowed to drink such powerful liquid.

In today’s world, chocolate is for everyone and thankfully so! Chocolate is now everywhere we look, from muffins to cakes to bacon and more. It’s accessible in many different forms: powder, small chips, large chunks and bars. An all time favorite is liquid chocolate.

One form of liquid chocolate that is a favorite of chocolate lovers is dipping chocolate. Chocolate dipping sauces are created to cover different food items like fruit, nuts and pieces of cake, cookies and other pastries. Chocolate dipping sauce is easy to make to your preference, from sweet and light to darker and richer.

Here are a few guidelines to steer you in the right direction when making chocolate dipping sauces and deciding which items to be dipped.

Select the food items that will be your dippers before selecting your recipe for chocolate dipping sauce. Great dippers include: strawberries, apple slices, pear slices, frozen banana chunks, pineapple, melon balls, raspberries, cake squares, brownie bites, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, potato chips, cookies … almost anything your heart desires!  Many gourmet foods, like dried fruit and fancy nuts, combine wonderfully with dipping chocolate.

Prepare your fruit before making your dipping sauce, especially fruits such as strawberries. Carefully wash and place on towel to dry, as you do not want drops of water getting into your dipping chocolate. If you are dipping nuts, select whole, unbroken pieces and set aside so that they are ready to dip.


Recipe for Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Melt 1 bag of 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips over a double boiler. After melted, add ½ cup of scalded cream and stir. This will make the chocolate smoother and easier to manipulate.


Recipe for Milk Chocolate-Rum Dipping Sauce

Melt 1 bag of Milk Chocolate Baking Chips over a double boiler. After melted, add ½ cup of scalded cream and 1 tablespoon of dark rum and stir.


Recipe for White Chocolate-Orange Dipping Sauce

Melt 1 bag of Classic White Chocolate Baking Chips over a double boiler. After melted, add ½ cup of scalded cream and 1 tablespoon of orange liquor; stir.


Topping Set-up

If you are dipping fruit into the chocolate, you could just stop at dipping the fruits, but why not go the extra mile?

Before the chocolate dries completely on the strawberry, dip it again, this time in a special topping. The list of decorative toppings is endless and can be adapted to your liking. Some great ideas are:  chocolate sprinkles, cookie chunks, chocolate chips, milk chocolate chunks, mini-marshmallows, toasted almond slices, walnut pieces, hazelnut powder, colored sugars, malted milk powder, yogurt chips, peanut butter chips, shredded coconut, toffee chips, mini M&M’s or your favorite candy bar, chopped. Let your imagination run wild.

Prepare various small saucers with each topping, to ease the dipping. Having your chocolate-dipped items, such as berries, fruit chunks and cake squares on wooden skewers will make them easier to handle.  Investing in a multi-purpose fondue set or a professional-quality handy aluminum double will help keep your chocolate silky smooth and ready for action.


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