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eat wisely while studying to get the best grades

It is common practice to find students eating junk, drinking coffee and energy drinks while they are studying for their exams. They do not know that this kind of diet is unhealthy for their bodies. To avoid making the same mistake, this is how you should eat to get the best grades in school. If you want to pass your exams and if your goal is to graduate from university and find a job of your dreams you should hire the best resume writers to write a top-quality resume for you.  But first, let’s find out what you should eat to be a successful student.

Most useful breakfast for students

The brain is a vital part of your body and you should ensure that what you eat is healthy. When you are studying and writing your exams, the brain is under a lot of pressure to process all the information you are feeding it. This means that it is important to have your brain in the best condition. Research proves that students who eat breakfast perform better than those who do not. So are you wondering what you should eat for breakfast?

Specialists recommend that a good breakfast should consist of slow-release carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, oat porridge or low sugar-muesli. Ensure that you include protein-rich foods like milk or eggs to ensure that you do not start feeling hungry while sitting for your exams. Do not forget to add food that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This can either be sardine, mackerel or trout. Omega-3 helps to improve the health of your brain. 

Nutrition that helps you focus better

Do you know that nutrition plays a key role in helping you to focus better? A well-balanced diet will not only help you avoid illness but also help you focus on your studies. The following are some of the best foods to eat before a test to focus better:


Vegetables are among the best foods to eat while studying. They are rich in fiber which helps the body to slow down the digestion that in turn leads to the slow release of energy. Fruits, broccoli, and carrots are a good source of fiber. Dark leafy greens are a good source for iron and teenage girls need to have iron in their food.

Good fats

You should avoid eating too much Omega-6 as in the norm in the west. Ensure that a good amount of Omega-3 is in your diet because it is important in boosting brainpower. Fish is a good source for Omega-3, so ensure that you eat it on a regular basis.


Fruits are rich in vitamin C that helps to improve the immunity of your body. They also contain fiber that helps to slow down digestion hence ensuring there is a slow release of energy in the body. Try to eat fruit before bedtime and see how well it works for you.

Whole grains

Whole grains like whole meal pasta, whole grain bread are slow-release carbohydrates that help to keep blood sugar levels stable. Study shows that only 6% of children and 17% of adults eat whole grains. Eating three slices of whole-grain bread ensures that your body gets all the whole grains it needs. It also giving you energy during the day, the energy that you need to write your home assignments, still if you are struggling with it you can find help from https://essaykitchen.net. Talk to them and let them help you with the problems you have.

Water main key to success

There is no way you are going to focus if you do not hydrate well and the only way you can hydrate is by drinking water. Dehydration is dangerous because it causes headaches, tiredness and poor concentration. If you are wondering what to eat before any exam, then water should be on the menu. Carry a bottle of water with you to the exam room if the rules allow you to. Research shows that students who carry water into the exam room perform 5% better than those who do not.

Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Specialists recommend that a lady should drink about 1.6 liters and men 2 liters of fluids daily. That equates to between 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Drinking coffee and tea also counts because they contain caffeine that the brain needs.  

Dining before night’s sleep

Did you know that lack of adequate sleep is not good for your health? Do you know that it may slow down your responses and harm your memory? Research shows that students who sleep for at least 7 hours perform 10% better than those who sleep for fewer hours.

According to reliable writing service EssayWritingService.ca, avoid heavy meals before you go to bed because this may end up ruining your sleep. Try to eat a light meal three hours before you go to sleep. You can eat a small snack that is rich in fiber and accompany it with dry fruit. Avoid taking drinks that contain caffeine when you are about to sleep. Take a glass of water or warm milk instead because it may cause you to sleep better.

Food plays a major role in the grades you get at school. You need to be careful with what you eat before an exam. Eat a well-balanced breakfast that contains slow-release carbohydrates and proteins before you go to the exam room. Ensure that you drink water and other fluids so you do not dehydrate. Form a habit of eating healthy and stick to it and you just might see your grades improving.

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