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how to spend a spring day with family

The weather is warming up, flowers are beginning to bloom, school is out of the way and the kids are in need of some fun and so are you. Capture the best moments of the season and celebrate the changing weather by engaging in exciting spring activities.

A warm spring day is a perfect opportunity to go outside and let your little ones explore the outdoors. This will ensure that your whole family, especially kids and toddlers, have a fun experience. This experience will provide them with much needed physical activity and stimulation thus boosting their confidence, creativity, and imagination. Below are family friendly spring activities you can try.

Plant a garden
Spring season is definitely the perfect time to start planting flowers. No doubt that toddlers and kids are likely to enjoy this activity as it gives them the freedom to get messy in fresh soil and be on garden hose duty. You can visit your local plant nursery to find out what grows best in your area and the most suitable time to plant. To economize on space, try growing the vegetables or herbs in planters or pots, especially if space is a challenge. This is a cool gardening trends that will have your garden looking like a little slice of paradise. A few of the vegetables one can plant during spring include lettuce, cucumber, garlic, broccoli, onions, raspberries, beets, and tomatoes. It is important to allow your kids to take the responsibility and let them maintain the garden. This will go a long way in educating your kids about ecology and environmental science in general which is very crucial as they grow up.

Outdoor Picnic
The best part about this spring season must be the weather. Most days are breezy and perfectly warm. Therefore, pack a picnic and head to the park. Look out for a spot of your choice with the help of the kids. Walk, bike, drive or set up a camp in your yard. Take advantage of the sunny weather and set a blanket for a midday feast instead of eating indoors. This is a low maintenance activity especially if you have a yard. Remember to carry along sliced fruits, veggies, sandwiches and other easy to eat bites. Additionally, with the extra bit of light and warmth in the evenings, make the most out of this season and look at inspiring and excellent recipes for the perfect barbeque for an unforgettable spring barbeque. Also, for a perfect barbeque, you can pick a theme especially if you want to go all out. Remember to prepare your food in advance and have your kids help. To spice things up, put up decorative garden lights and play some fun games with your family and enjoy your little picnic.

Ride a Bike
Biking is a great way to get in some exercise and have fun too. Look out for friendly places to bike around with your family. If your child is still learning to cycle, spring is the best time to tune up bikes and go for a ride. Go to a quiet park or street where they can learn. For advanced bikers, try trail biking to sharpen and develop more skills. If considering buying a bike, try online marketplaces, yard sale or craigslist. Be on the lookout of the quality of the bike if you want it to last longer.

Go for a Hike
Hiking is a great way to exercise your body and clear your mind. Explore the fresh outdoors through a forest trail and watch animals as they hibernate since each season of the year offers different hiking experiences. No doubt that spring offers amazing landscapes with the flowers although it may be still a little snowy in some destinations.

Attend a Festival
During the spring, there are plenty of city activities due to the warmer weather. Most of the activities tend to be free. Try the general free events that you can be part of with your family. For instance a play at the local church, a free Easter egg hunt or a free spring craft class held at your local library. By attending spring festivals, every member of the family, including the kids, can be sure of maximum entertainment with lots of fun, food, and activities.

Bird Watching
Spring is known to be an exciting time for the birds as they tend to fly to their summer homes to build nests and raise hatchlings. To attract birds in your home, set up a DIY bird feeder during the spring. This is a more calm, laidback, and exciting outdoor activity that your whole family will definitely enjoy.

Picking Flowers
Many flowers tend to sprout and bloom around the same time in spring. Go ahead and go on a hunt and pick a variety of wildflowers (especially dandelions) and create a magical bouquet  as you soak up the beauty of nature.

Wrap Up
There are many incredible activities that all of us may hop into during the spring season. This is a great season to tick off the items on your bucket list as the cold and snow are replaced by warmer weather. As a family, get outside together, explore, get creative, play and most importantly, have fun all spring long.

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