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5 foods you should try with your instant pot

It seems like most families are eating out these days. This is especially true for families that consist of two working parents. It just seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to feed yourself let alone feed an entire family. Well, this is where the instant pot could completely change things. It seems like more and more people are jumping on the instant pot bandwagon. And, it is easy to understand why. This unique and innovative device not only pressure cooks but it slow cooks and sautés. With this device, you could easily and quickly turn an at home dinner night into something refreshing and healthy.

Hard Boiled Eggs

It is true that you can boil eggs faster on the stove than you can in an instant pot, but it is a process that is certainly worth the extra effort. This is especially true when it comes to eggs. One of the most difficult things about making boiled eggs is the peeling process. It just seems like the eggs never peel as cleanly and easily as they should when boiled on the stove. That is not the case when boiling eggs in an instant pot. The eggs will peel cleanly and easily every single time.

Dry Beans

Beans not only make a healthy meal, but they just about go with everything. From spinach to mashed potatoes beans will make the perfect addition. The only bad thing about cooking beans on the stovetop is that you have to pre-soak them overnight. Thanks to the pressurizing and depressurizing capabilities of the instant pot this is something that you can avoid altogether.

Stock and Soup

Soups and stocks don’t really take that long to cook on the stovetop, so you won’t necessarily save time by switching to the instant pot. However, there is one major upside with cooking soups and stocks in an instant pot. This upside is that you can literally throw in any number of ingredients you want during the cooking process. There are really a variety of stocks and soups that you can create with an instant pot just check out these best instant pot recipes.

Pulled Pork

Pork has always been a popular food for the outdoor smoker. This is because it is a food that needs time. In order to fully cook pork, you must be able to break down the tough connective tissues of the meat. This is exactly where the instant pot can come in handy. This device can make pork so tender that it will literally tear by hand.

Meat Loaf

When it comes down to it, meatloaf is definitely one of the most delicious meals. However, it can be very difficult to cook in the oven. If you do not time it perfectly, there is a good chance that the meatloaf is going to come out very dry. That is not good. With that being said, you should toss it into your instant pot. This will ensure that the meatloaf comes out moist and delicious. On top of that, it is only going to take 35 minutes to cook. Be sure to try this recipe.

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