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16 tips for grilling the perfect steak

Preparing the ideal steak on the grill takes practice. If you want to master the art of grilling the perfect steak at home, there are several considerations to ensure that you come up with a lovely and genuinely delectable dish.
When you want to enjoy a weekend gathering with family or friends, preparing several batches of juicy and flavorful steak will satisfy their cravings.

Here are several grilling tips to help you create the perfect steak.

1. Visit the Butcher

Although you can readily find steak cuts at any grocery or supermarket, you don’t know the exact source or if slicing was recent. If you want to prepare the perfect steak, it all starts by finding the right meat. Drop by at a butcher store when preparing steaks. In case this isn’t possible, check out a staff who slices meat at the store. Make the right choice by choosing a reliable provider of superior meat. By visiting online websites like https://www.gpprimemeats.com/ you’ll know where you can find superior quality selections.

2. Choose Ribeye

The ideal choices when grilling are bone-in ribeye or beef ribeye cuts with marbling. The marbling or tiny white flecks of fat in the meat helps improve the overall flavor of the meat. Basting while cooking will provide you with a succulent steak.

3. Right Thickness and Center Cut

When choosing what steak to bring home, it’s best to select a slice that’s at least an inch wide or 1 ½ or 2 inches wide. Remember that the thickness is the key in achieving the bull's eye red center, which indicates the perfect steak. Make sure that you’ll obtain a consistent slice of meat from the middle. The regularity that a middle cut provides can help ensure a quality result and even cooking of the steak.

4. Avoid Trimming the Fat Away

When preparing the cut for grilling, avoid slicing the fat away. Although the fat might appear unappealing on the flanks of a raw steak slice, don’t slice it entirely. Remember that fat provides flavor to the steak, so it’s best to leave a few behind along with the marbling to ensure that you have a flavorful steak.

5. Remove the Skin

Depending on the cut you will select, you must remove some of the silver skin away. The silvery, shimmering bands throughout the flanks of some cuts don't soften while cooking and can become an undesirable bit.

6. Oiling Up the Steak

It’s best to use olive and canola blended oil as a coating for the meat before adding any condiments. You should cover the steak lightly so that the temperature of its surface will allow fast searing. The process ensures a juicier outcome and can help char the surface of the meat.

7. Do Away with Fancy Marinades

Along with the oil, a cut with marbling only needs kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper to ensure the perfect flavor. Don’t forget to season it slightly more than usual with a sauteed item. A certain amount of the seasonings might be lost during the grilling process. Make sure that you have enough left on the meat to achieve the right flavor.

8. Begin with A Spotless Grill

Always make sure that the grill you’re going to use is clean. Use a wire brush when cleaning the grill and do so while it's still hot. When prepping a grill for a slice of steak, you should heat it for 30 minutes. Doing so will allow the heat to reach around 600 degrees F.
As the grill starts to warm up, apply oil on the grates to prevent the meat from sticking. You must be careful when using an old or mediocre brush since the wires might get stuck on the grill.

9. Start with Charcoal

Even though gas grills are popular these days, you might want to use a charcoal grill if you want the perfect steak. It might be best to utilize a chimney starter instead of lighter fluid that can add an undesirable flavor to the meat.

10. Warm Up the Grill Before Cooking

Before placing the steak on the grill, make sure that it has a high level of heat that singes the exterior surface. The process can provide you with a moist steak with the right degree of char to form.
When using charcoal, you should allow the charcoal to turn white and evenly spreads out. Don’t rush by using lighter fluid or placing your meat on the grill over an open flame which will only burn it and destroy the flavor.

11. Avoid Using A Fork

Although most of the use of a fork is to stab the meat to flip or turn it, you should avoid doing this, or you'll end up with a steak that’ s not thoroughly cooked. When the fork punctures the meat, it allows the juices to seep out, which results in dry, less flavorful meat. It’s best to utilize tongs or a spatula.

12. Monitor the Temperature

When grilling steak, continuously monitor the temperature by always having an instant-read thermometer especially for meat on hand. Having a thermometer handy will make it easier to determine the status of the meat, especially if you’re cooking for many individuals who want their steak at varying temperatures. A well-done steak should reach the 160 degrees F mark, while a rare steak should reach 120 degrees F.

13. Be Patient

If you’re grilling a steak, you must be patient, even if you’re excited to try it out. Once you finish cooking any meat cut, make sure that it’ll rest for 7 to 10 minutes before slicing. If you allow the meat to sit after cooking, the juices will evenly distribute all over the middle section of the meat.

14. Add A Touch of Seasoning

You can add some condiments for a touch of flavor. Some of the ideal options include cinnamon, pink Himalayan Sea salt, pink and white peppercorns, brown sugar, espresso powder-based rubs, or chili powders. These seasonings will boost the natural flavor of the meat.

15. Add Herbs and Butter

Garlic and butter are the crucial components if you want to enjoy a delectable filet mignon. The addition of thyme, butter, and crushed garlic to your steak will surely elevate the flavor to a whole new level.

16. Red Wine as The Best Partner

Once it’s time to enjoy your steak, match it with red wine. It’s important to note that the ideal combination of steak and red wine greatly boosts the palate of both. Red wine is the ideal choice with your steak since it has a high level of tannins that works well with the fats in the steak.


Enjoying a lovely steak for lunch or dinner with family or friends is an excellent way to bond. Making sure that you’ll prepare the ideal steak for everyone is a must. With the help of these valuable tips on preparing a grilled steak, you’ll create a flavorful dish that everyone will surely love.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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