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don't miss these 10 guilt-free cookie recipes for healthy sweet fix

If you can’t find healthy cookies in the bakeries, why not make some at home? Give yourself a healthy treat with any of these drooling cookie recipes.

Cookies are versatile and mouth-watering snacks everyone loves. However, the deliciousness they have, incorporates refined sugar, refined oil/ butter, flour, and many unhealthy ingredients. For this reason, most of us refrain from having this yummy snack.
If you are health-conscious, yet craving some cookies with your morning coffee, then here are some quick fixes for you. What can be better than healthy homemade cookies?
While making cookies at home, you are free to replace those unhealthy ingredients with healthier options and make your customized, guilt-free healthy cookies. Therefore, without waiting any longer, jump into the following 10 quick cookie recipes and bake your happiness.

10 Quick and Healthy Cookie Recipes to Make at Home

Oatmeal and Banana

One of the most classic and delicious combos, oatmeal and banana cookies will never fail to make you smile. But, in a healthy way! These crunchy oatmeal cookies with a punch of banana are baked deliciously healthy.

Although banana has its own fruity flavor, choosing an overly ripe banana for the recipe will make the cookies sweeter. You can add honey as a natural sweetener to make the cookies even sweeter.

2. Peanut Butter and Almond Flour
I have the perfect and easiest peanut butter cookie recipe for all peanut butter lovers. Very basic ingredients are needed, one of which is peanut butter. To combine, you need almond flour and maple syrup as a sweetener. That’s it!

With these three ingredients, you can make such nutty, rich, and chewy cookies to relish. No gluten, no sugar, and no fats, just delicious goodness. These protein-rich cookies are great for gym-goers, or bodybuilders, as a healthy alternative.

Instead of peanut butter, you can add crushed peanuts and enjoy sweet and salted peanut cookies.

3. Dark chocolate Almond Cookies
I have dark chocolate and almond cookies for the bitter-sweet taste buds that you can bake in a jiffy! Not only are these healthy, but the taste is exotic. You can make this cookie in two ways.

Either combine dark chocolate with almond flour, honey, and butter to make the cookies. Or you can make the almond cookies first and dip half of them in melted dark chocolate! Don’t forget to sprinkle some almond flakes on top to add a bit of crunchiness.
4. Low-Fat Cream Cheese and Whole Wheat flour
Who doesn’t like cream cheese? It is such a versatile ingredient that goes with every sweet or savory food. Likewise, make some low-fat cream cheese cookies at home and enjoy the sweet and salty cookies with your morning coffee. 

As a sweetener, you can go for maple syrup and whole wheat flour as a gluten-free binder! These deliciously sweet and salty cookies will be softer in the center and slightly crispy at the edges. Enjoy the taste of cream cheese in every bite!

5. Oatmeal and Carrot
Another oatmeal cookie recipe, but this time with a versatile veggie, carrot. These mouthwatering cookies will serve as the best item on your breakfast table. To sweeten them, add a dash of maple syrup; not too much because the carrot already has some sweetness in it.

To top the cookies before baking, add some sesame seeds or chocolate chips.

6. Chinese Almond Cookies
Chinese almonds are one of the healthiest proteins used to prevent several diseases. So, why not make some delicious and healthy cookies by adding honey and almond flour with Chinese almonds. Apart from satisfying your cookie craving, you are also getting some health benefits.

7. Date and Nuts
The date is a natural sweetener and is not harmful even if you go overboard with it. These date and nut cookies are for people who have a sweet tooth, but diabetes is stopping you from having cookies. You can add mixed nuts or any nuts of your choice along with dates.

It will turn out a scrumptiously sweet, nutty, chewy, and crunchy cookie you have ever had.

8. Sugar Cookies without Butter
If you can’t enjoy those classic buttery sugar cookies as before, then there is an alternative for you. You can enjoy those sugar cookies without butter and use coconut oil instead. Coconut is healthy fats, unlike refined oil or butter, and won’t affect your blood pressure level.

However, edible coconut oil is not available everywhere. If you do not find coconut oil in your grocery stores, you can use buttermilk, clarified butter, or olive oil as an alternative.

9. Pumpkin Cookies
Another all-around veggie is pumpkin, which, when combined with almond flour and allulose, creates some mouthwatering low-carb cookies. These cookies can instantly fix your sweet cravings. Allulose is used as a sweetener and provides a chewiness to the cookies.   

You can alternate almond flour with whole wheat flour. Of course, don’t forget to top it with a layer of low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter frosting to add another taste to the pumpkin.

10.  Jaggery and Coconut
Those who love bounty bars cannot go wrong with these jaggery and coconut cookies. These cookies will satisfy all coconut lovers without any guilty feeling, cookies with a pungent coconut taste combined with coconut shreds and coconut oil. Moreover, jaggery will act as a natural sweetener here while balancing out the coconut flavor.

Some Quick Alternatives to Unhealthy Cookie Ingredients:

  1. White Flour → Whole Wheat Flour/ Almond Flour
  2. Sugar → Honey/ Maple syrup/ Jaggery/ Allulose (A plant-based sugar alternative)
  3. Oil/ Butter → Clarified Butter/ shortening/ coconut oil / olive oil
  4. Milk chocolate → Dark Chocolate

Final notes

Your health is your responsibility, but that does not mean you can’t have cookies! Just go to your kitchen and start baking any of these healthy, guilt-free cookies from whatever you have in your pantry. So, what are you waiting for? Make them once and see how healthy homemade cookies can be delicious. You are free to customize the ingredients according to your preference and taste. 

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