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surprising health benefits of drinking gin

People usually have different reasons for having a drink; for some people, having a drink is a good way to unwind when stressed out, enjoy the taste of some favorite drinks, or just have fun when hanging out with family and friends. 

Many people always associate alcohol with weight gain, dehydration, or having liver issues; this is usually the case when one consumes excess alcohol. Drinking alcoholic drinks like Gilbeys gin in in has several health benefits and here are a couple of them.

Contains fewer calories

As compared to other spirits, gin has fewer calories and can help people have a slimmer waistline. When consumed in smaller quantities, it can boost your metabolism because it contains antioxidant properties that are good for the system.

A shot of Gilbeys gin has 97 calories per shot making it a good intake and safe drink for people who drink frequently. It can be mixed with tonic water for some low calories cocktails which are healthy especially for those with no sugar.

Gin helps with digestion and bloating

Gin contains juniper berries which always aids in increasing the number of enzymes that are used to break down food which often aids with digesting food. Most people always get bloated after eating thus having a shot of gin after a meal will help to make you feel less bloated.

The diuretic nature of juniper will make you urinate more which will stop the retention of water in the system. Bloated? Or having minor health issues like urinary tract infections, drinking moderate quantities of gin could aid in flushing out any toxins in your system.

Gin aids with inflammations and cough

Mixing gin with different natural herbs and ingredients like ginger with its good antioxidant properties can aid in soothing the pain of a sore throat that comes with a cough. It can also aid in reducing inflammatory pains.

Good for the skin

The more antioxidants the system contains, it will make it less prone to wrinkles making it good for a youthful glow when aging. Jupiter berries used in making gin have a great number of antioxidants that help to regenerate the cells for smoother, healthy, and glowing skin.

Help in preventing illnesses

It is sometimes common to find someone who drinks gin a lot but hardly falls sick. This may be a new observation or clarify the thoughts of someone who knows a gin drinker who rarely falls sick. Gin contains a natural antioxidant or medicine which is also anti-microbial and filled with anti-fungal properties that can go a long way in boosting your health. Drinking gin also reduces the chances of becoming sick and improving your health generally.


Despite the numerous myths surrounding the consumption of alcohol, it also has several benefits to one’s health when consumed moderately. Alcoholic drinks like gins greatly aid in keeping the system healthy with a healthy glow and protecting you from inflammations. It is important to control your drinking habit to fully enjoy its health benefits. Taking just a shot in a day will be good for your system and overall health.

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