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how to make a kitchen where you want to cook

The most important purpose of the kitchen is to serve as a place to cook and store food, but not just a soulless place to meet their physiological needs for food, and thus a place where everything has to make the process of cooking a real pleasure.

Open shelves

The presence of open shelves in the kitchen indicates a certain emancipation, these are features of the Scandinavian style, openness, freedom.

The presence on the shelves of dishes, daily spices or other improvised items speaks for itself that everything is at hand, provokes you to start doing something.

The prevalence of natural textures and less glossy

Some kitchens are more like a work of art than a place where you can cook food, where you can splash oil, something spills, dirty facades. You should not worry about the thought that after cooking an elementary omelet, you need to clean the kitchen long afterwards.

If you want gloss - place it on the top of the kitchen, give preference to wood-like textures, they are present in almost all materials, this kind of eco-style will give your kitchen naturalness and comfort. If you use lots of glass, find the service near you. Use matte colors. 

Availability of space for cooking

On the one hand, it is very convenient when the kitchen includes a dining area - if you want and have a free minute, you can sit down at the table and do other things while everything is cooking: to browse the news feed of the social network, to work on a laptop, in short, to relax.

If there is no such corner in the kitchen, a minute's rest turns into a constant search for "what to do with yourself", and the result is that you spend the whole day literally on your feet. We strongly recommend that you organize a place to rest at least in the form of a comfortable chair near the window.

Good ventilation

The kitchen extractor hood is chosen quite unfairly on the residual principle. And it is responsible for the freshness and purity of the air you breathe during cooking. According to the mechanism of work there is a distinction between hoods with air extraction and hoods with air circulation. The first extract air from the kitchen and extract it into the general ventilation system of the house. The second - clean the dirty air and "give" back to the room. Some models can work in both modes, but to work in the circulation mode it is important to choose a good carbon filter that you always can repair in Canada.

Multivar cookers, such as slow cookers, pressure cookers and rice cookers, are very common nowadays: it is certainly better to cook on the stove and in a multivar stove under a wide extractor hood.

The comfortable height of the tabletop

Even the most beautiful kitchen will be annoying if it is not comfortable to cook. And this can happen if you haven't paid attention to the height of cabinets and the working surface - it depends on it whether you work with a flat back or on a slope.

The optimal height of the working area is 15 cm (6 “) from the bent elbow. This means that a girl of 165 cm (5.4 ‘) height will fit a traditional factory version - 85/90 cm. (2.8”).  And a man who is 190 cm (6.2’) tall will comfortably work on a tabletop height of 1 meter (1 yard).

If you have a box clap, remove this knock.

To ensure that your psyche is always in harmony with you and the knocking of closing boxes do not disturb your mental balance, we recommend to use fittings only with door closers. Such fittings can be not only in an expensive segment, but also in the middle price category.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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