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How to Be Organized and Cook for This Holiday Season

Everyone looks forward to indulging in tasty treats with loved ones in the holiday season. But cooking, especially baking, can be cumbersome for those who cannot get precise measurements. Sometimes knowing how many tablespoons in 2/3 cup can be difficult. But, planning every meal and knowing its recipe when you have guests over this time of year is a smart move

Focus on shopping, cooking, and eating smart while juggling a packed festive season schedule. You can simplify your time in the kitchen whipping up holiday delicacies by staying organized. Investing your time, money, and effort wisely is essential to succeeding in the kitchen while prepping for the festivities.

Here are some tips for helping you get organized in the kitchen and become an excellent host. Delicious food adds to the joy associated with the holiday season, and executing the listed handy tips lowers the pressure on your cooking skills when deliciousness is essential.

Compile a Thorough Shopping List 

After finalizing the menu, note down the ingredients, you need to source and carry this list when grocery shopping. Shopping eats into your precious holiday cooking time so ensure you buy all you need in one go. Restrict your purchases to essential ones to avoid overspending and food wastage. 

Prep Ahead of Time

Doing the time-consuming prep work beforehand saves you from last-minute stress. Peeling, chopping, and dicing ingredients constitute the prep work. Awareness about how many tablespoons in 2/3 cup ensures you can measure and set aside the quantity you require in advance. Remember, holiday baking demands accurate measurements.  

Stick to a Simple to Execute Menu

Complicated recipes demand more of your time and when you are already finding time slip by, keep experimentation out. Tried and tested dishes are easier to execute since you are familiar with the processes involved and can vouch for their taste quotient. Slaving in the kitchen for hours deprives you of spending quality time visiting family and friends. 

Declutter Your Kitchen

Bulky appliances like an instant pot and stand mixer often recreate your holiday culinary specials. Placing these on your sturdy counter optimizes their functionality. You can create the required space on your kitchen counter by tucking away gadgets like your juicer, toaster, and other unnecessary clutter. 

When your kitchen is tidy, you operate efficiently as you need not sift through the clutter to locate what you need. Better still, you can concentrate on putting together your festive menu. Everything in your pantry, freezer and fridge contributes to delicious cooking when within the validity and easily identifiable.

Equip Your Kitchen with Quality Cooking Gear

The wrong cookware often ruins all the effort you invest in preparing a holiday meal. Investing in quality and branded kitchenware assures you of rewarding results. Since these cooking aids are hardy, they last you a lifetime too and save you from frequently replacing burnt-out appliances and delicate utensils.

Defrost Meats and Invest in a Thermometer

Before beginning the cook, allow your meats to defrost thoroughly as only then will they reflect an even cook. To ensure you cook the protein through, insert a thermometer that indicates whether the inside is cooked or not. You cannot afford to serve your holiday guests half-cooked or raw mains. 

Make Smart Portions

Cater wisely by making practical portions of your mains and sides. Cooking in bulk may compromise the quality of the meal, besides resulting in sinful wastage. When the number of dishes on the menu is extensive, your guests will want to sample everything. 

Diners rarely indulge in extra helpings given their overflowing plates after the first round itself. They will also need to keep room for dessert if you have saved a sweet treat. Generous servings may compel your guests to waste should you consider pre-plating the food.

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