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soup recipes to cook in a college dorm

Starting college comes with its challenges. And eating healthy is definitely one of them. If you are still applying, don't forget to make sure your application essay really stands out. To get help with such a responsible task, you can write my admission essay by DoMyEssay team. And while professional writers work on your personal statement, you can read about easy soup recipes you can cook once you move to a dorm.

Soup makes a meal complete. Anyone can make the soup even while in a college dorm. Here are simple soup recipes ideal for college students.

Soup is one of the important parts of your meal. One bowl can make you feel full and can energize you to go on with your day no matter what your routine is. In college, having soup is your best emergency meal, especially if you are in the middle of doing loads of tasks. While you are busy looking for help in assignment writing, you can just easily heat on your portable cooking gear in your dorm and cook a simple soup recipe. While waiting for your soup to boil, you can see what sites like powerwritings can offer you. 

Cooking simple soup recipes while finishing your assignments is the best combo to do instead of eating junk food. Most of you, who are residing in a college dorm, are looking for all convenient ways to eat healthy cooked meals. You can set up a small kitchen with portable equipment but you can still can cook a full meal. One of the easiest recipes to cook is soup. It can be ready in 30 minutes or less. You just need to know some simple recipes that you can easily cook in your college dorm.

Soup Recipes That Students Can Make

1.       Chicken Noodle Soup

This is one of the famous easy soup recipes that can be done in any place, particularly at the dorm. You just need a pot, any part of chicken of your choice, vegetable of your choice, noodles, salt, and pepper to taste; then you are good to go. Just pour in all the ingredients in a pot, let it boil for some time, and you can still do other tasks while waiting for it. When cooked, you can adjust the taste by adding more salt or pepper. This is just so easy and can be done while studying at your dorm. You can cook more so you can share it with other students. The leftover can still be kept in a container and reheated later in the day.

2.       Mushroom Soup using Quick Cream

When you are on-the-go and living in a college dorm, having a quick cream mushroom soup is a means of survival. You just need to open a can of mushroom soup, put it in a cooking pot, add water, and let it boil while continuously stirring until it heats. This is about 10 minutes, and you can add salt and pepper to taste. This is good on any day, especially during the winter season. One recipe meal can make 3 servings good for you and your roommates while studying or doing homework.

3.       Egg Drop Soup

This is quick and easy to do. Just boil water, beat 2 eggs, and when the water is boiling, pour in the beaten eggs and continuously stir it for 2 minutes. Then add salt and pepper for the desired taste. For the final touches, put some chopped chives and serve in a bowl. You can do this in your college dorm in less than 10 minutes. It is easy to cook with easy to find ingredients. 

These are just a few of the soup recipes that can be cooked in a college dorm by students, and you can do it while still studying and doing some assignments. Soups are lifesavers, especially if you are hungry or tired. It is easy to prepare and get the comfort you need from a tiring day. 

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