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5 tricks to spruce up your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in your home. It should be user-friendly and create an atmosphere that is inviting and comfortable. There are ways to spruce up your kitchen space without spending thousands of dollars to give it a fabulous face lift you will love.

Here are 5 tricks to spruce up your kitchen.
Visual Effects

The first few steps inside a room will give a lasting impression. You want to walk into your kitchen and be enveloped in an atmosphere that invites you to become creative and want to cook. One way to create a unique visual effect to your kitchen is to mix and match materials and texture. Lighten up the look of your cabinets if they are currently a dark shade of wood. Replacing cabinets is an expensive venture, but you can quickly and affordably change how your current ones look.

One of the easiest and quickest changes is to paint your cabinets. Try to stay away from shades or colors that will be too overwhelming or cutesy as you will tire of a look that is too brilliant quickly. Lighten or darken the look, but stay with neutral shades that you can add splashes of colors to by changing door knobs or drawer handles. A set of bright red knobs, (or other preferred bright color) on the stove or cupboards is a cheap fix that brightens the look of your kitchen, gives it a fresh new look, and doesn't break the budget.

Open Up the Look

By removing a few of your cupboard doors to create a more open-feeling rather than the boxed, claustrophobia sense of wall-to-wall cabinets, you can give your kitchen a whole new feel. Upper cabinets can be opened up to display your plates and glassware, while the lower cabinets remain with doors to provide hidden storage.

Accent the Walls

If the color of your to cabinets suit you or you don't have the time to paint them a new shade, you can quickly change the feel of your kitchen by accenting the walls. One wall can have a darker shade of paint, and the adjoining wall a lighter shade to provide contrast. Add a bit of kitchen decor to an open space on a wall with favorite or antique pieces of dinnerware or consider adding new and unique pieces such as plumber pipe fittings, or creative kitchen scenes in color-matching frames.

Cupboard Accessories

Use your cupboard space for decorative and essential small appliances. Toasters and mixers can be color-matched to your new knobs and pulls. Keep appliances such as your countertop convection oven accessible and within reach, as you will want this appliance out and ready to use. To find a countertop appliance to meet your needs, check out the countertop convection oven reviews. Having appliances that make cooking easier and faster should sit out on countertops to make access to them more convenient.

Window Treatments

After taking a look at your cabinets, cabinet hardware, countertop appliances, and walls, take a look at your windows. Changing out drapes for blinds is a great new look or even changing the color or pattern of curtains will make an incredible difference in your kitchen. Make sure the material you choose can be easily cared for as there are often splashes of food and water occurring in kitchens, and you'll want to be able to keep them looking fresh. Shades work great over sink areas as they can be pulled up to avoid splashes.

You don't have to break-the-bank to give your kitchen a fresh, new look. Add a few new colors or shades to existing cabinets or walls, spruce up the windows, and by keeping countertop appliances colorful and handy will turn your kitchen into a room of comfort.


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