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delivered food as a part of a weight loss program

by Marnely Rodriguez

As much as we all wish and hope, the day is always going to have 24 hours, no more, no less. Simple tasks such as cooking are pushed aside when presented with quicker options. Taking the fast route to preparing a meal often means that people are filling their bodies with processed foods, sugars and artificial ingredients.

With farmer’s markets, organic foods readily available in local markets and online, and delivered gourmet food – even complete meals - there is no reason to keep consuming unhealthy foods. 

Eating healthier will not only give you more energy and elevate your nutrition levels, it will at times help you during a weight loss program. Add exercise and the fitness results can lengthen your life. Focus should be more on the quality of foods than on the amount you are having.

Also, learn to enjoy food and don’t rush it. Enjoy your lunch hour for what it is supposed to be, lunch! Always having the same old chicken salad sandwich and soda from the shop around the corner? Switch to bringing prepared meals from home. Add fresh fruit for a snack you can count on to stop cravings and avoid runs to the vending machine.

The following are guidelines to healthier eating in a fast-paced world. Always consult with your doctor if you have certain allergies or specific lifestyle concerns.

1. Brown Bag Lunches:  making your lunches might seem like a time-consuming task at first, but with great planning and organization it will become a highlight of the day. Knowing that your lunch is healthy, delicious and home-made will have you looking forward to taking a well-deserved break. Plan out a menu of lunches for the week and do your grocery shopping on the weekend. Search online for simple yet healthy lunch ideas, such as: Greek Salad Wrap, Flatbread Vegetable Pizzas and more. Have a few gourmet ingredients in your pantry to make lunches interesting and flavorful.

2. Delivered Foods:  Having food delivered fresh to your home on a daily basis makes everything so much easier. No need to grocery shop, you don’t need tons of space in your fridge and you’re sure that you’ll be receiving delicious food that’s healthy and good for you.  Cooked by culinary masters, fresh delivered meals include everything you need for a great start to a new life. Many food delivery companies will cater to you with delicious lunch and dinner entrees, snacks and fruits. Another great extra is that you can choose your caloric level, so you are assured your meals will not go past those levels. It’s as simple as choosing which plan you’re most comfortable with, setting up an account and selecting your meals.

3. Healthier Snacks: Just like making a menu of lunches, making sure you have pre-determined snacks helps you avoid sugary cravings and drinking a 500 calorie coffee in the middle of the afternoon. Snacks are easy to carry in plastic bags and can include foods such as: baby carrot sticks, celery sticks, peanut butter dips, and fruits (apples, pears, oranges).


As you can see, with planning and organization you can start your path towards healthy eating and getting your weight loss program under control. Use “luxuries” like a food delivery services and high quality organic food to your advantage. Fresh ingredients and calorie-controlled meals will become your best friends.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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