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longing for adventure? consider a career teaching english abroad

Travel plans aren’t easy to make when you’re in full-time employment. One or two weeks off here and there doesn’t necessarily allow enough time to really explore a new country, let alone multiple countries! Of course, quitting a job to travel the world isn’t a viable option for many, unless you’ve got substantial savings. The uncertainty of when you’ll receive your next pay-cheque isn’t exactly a comforting thought. 

But what if you could start a career that enables you to work abroad and travel? A career teaching English offers great opportunities for those seeking adventure. TESOL, which means Teaching English as a Second Language, is a qualification that allows you to teach English learners all over the world

Choosing the right course

Make sure that you sign up for a course that is at least 120-hours long, as this is often a minimum requirement for most positions. You should be able to complete a quality course from an accredited provider in around 6 months or less, by taking classes online or a combination of online and classroom courses.

A 120-hour TESOL course should prepare you to start teaching English with confidence. It should teach you how to communicate with students, understand different learning styles and techniques, as well as how to plan engaging lessons. 

Where can you go with a TESOL certification? 

With TESOL, it’s not a question of where can you teach, it’s more a question of how you make it happen! With a bit of research into which roles you’re eligible to apply for, you’ll find that visa and employer requirements can very much vary. For example, being a degree holder is essential to qualify for a work visa in many countries – including most of Asia. Other requirements may specify that you must have a passport from an English-speaking country. 

However, without a degree there are still a lot of places you can teach – online, for one, but also all around the world. If you’ve got your heart set on a destination but you don’t qualify for a work visa, you may be able to work on a temporary basis by volunteering or applying for short-term contracts/placements. It’s always worth putting in the time to research your options, especially if it’ll lead to the perfect job.

Different ways to TESOL

As well as an abundance of TESOL destinations, there are also many different ways to teach English. Many possible work locations, a widespread eagerness to learn English, and a variety of positions ensures that there are plenty of jobs for first-time ESL teachers and experienced ones alike.

Perhaps you’d like to create a fun, engaging classroom environment for young learners, or help middle and senior school students focus on upcoming exam preparation?

On the other hand, maybe you’d prefer to teach mature learners and working in a language center outside of the typical language hours is a more appealing option. ESL teachers in language centers will often find themselves working early starts or in the evening as their students are often attending classes around their own work schedules.

Teach English online – wherever and whenever you choose

Outside of a traditional classroom environment, you could work as an online English teacher. The number of ESL graduates going on to teach English on the web is quickly becoming an even more popular option than teaching abroad. Rather than being tied to one location for work and using your free time to travel, online English teachers get to work wherever there’s Wi-Fi. As one of the most flexible jobs you could have, it’ll allow you to pursue adventure from wherever the adventure takes you. 

For those without previous online teaching experience it’s highly recommended that you work for an online teaching company as a starting point. Online teaching companies are not only an ideal fit for first-time ESL teachers but are a great long-term option too – fitting around your lifestyle. You only have to commit to the minimum hours set by your employer, which is typically very few. After that, it’s up to you to choose your availability. Which, because you could be teaching students in multiple time zones, could be at any time of the day. 

The truth is that adventure can take place wherever you look for it. If you qualify to TESOL your career will allow you to have that adventure and will without a doubt be a rewarding experience. A career as an English teacher abroad or online offers room for you to grow and eventually work your way up to more competitive and high-ranking roles – so, what’s stopping you from enrolling in a TESOL course and taking the first step?

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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