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spain's relaxed approach to online slots means greater choices

Spain is a nation of gambling enthusiasts, and its online gambling industry is expected to continue growing until it reaches $1.22bn in 2023. The findings from 2018 suggests that Spain’s gambling industry is “on the radar of the international market”, meaning more online casinos will invest in the Spanish market and introduce tragamonedas games to Spanish gamblers. If you didn’t know already, tragamonedas means slots, and the industry is about to get really exciting.

Relaxed Spanish Laws Mean More Games

As more investment goes into Spain’s gambling industry, gamers should expect lots of new tragamonedas (slots) games on their favorite websites. The industry has come a long way since the Spanish Gambling Act of 2011. Sports betting has become extremely popular, new casinos have opened in cities like Valencia and Madrid, and a lack of restrictions for betting advertisements online and in public mean people are discovering more of the games the online gambling industry has to offer.

Spanish regulators aren’t following the trend being set in much of the rest of Europe, either. That is, the Spanish government appears to be looking to encourage the emerging gambling industry in the country rather than cracking down on advertising and increasing regulation to the point where consumer variety is damaged. Betting taxes have already been reduced by 5% to 20% across the board, making the company extremely attractive for gambling companies and gamers alike.

Prepare for a Wider Range of Games

With new investment comes new games. Gamblers across Spain should expect not just a greater range of online casinos to choose from, but a wider variety of online slots in different themes. Online casinos will continue investing in popular slot games that are already being played in England, the United States, and beyond.

Software developers are also likely to begin building new games in the Spanish language, and with Spanish themes, to attract gamers from this part of Europe. Lower taxes means greater choices, and greater choices means more competition. As casinos bid for your attention, you’ll be presented with constantly improving promotional offers and some of the most innovative games in the market.

How to Get Ready for New Games

New slots games are coming your way - if you haven’t already noticed! If you’re new to the industry and you want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of what these games and online platforms have to offer, then be sure to consider the following tips.

  • Look for the Best Promotions


Competition is heating up, meaning there are some great promotions and bonuses available! When you’re looking for the right casino, check out what kind of promotions they offer.

If it’s hard to choose between the platforms, consider the deals on offer. The better the promotion the more money you’ll have for playing slots.

  • Understand Wagering Requirements


Make sure you understand wagering requirements before you play, too! While this is a trend that has begun changing in recent years, most casinos will implement high wagering requirements that means you can’t withdraw winnings made using bonuses until after you have deposited a specific amount of money.

Consider this before you sign up so you don’t get stuck in a situation whereby you can’t withdraw your winnings without spending more than you would like.

  • Find the Right Platform


Don’t forget that slots are developed by entirely separate companies than the casinos that host them. Many online casinos have the same games, from the same software developers, meaning you can choose which online platform you prefer to give your business.

If there is a particular game you like, don’t just opt-in with the first casino that offers it. Shop around, find a casino that you enjoy using, and go for that one instead. You’ll always find games at different outlets.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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