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top destinations for hardcore climbing enthusiasts

An excellent method of maintaining a proper body shape is to engage in climbing. This activity forces you to go beyond your limits by overcoming the hindrance before you through dedication and reasoning. Having that determination to get to the top of a mountain successfully will also give you an image of success in the real world.

Engaging in climbing relaxes your mind and helps you concentrate coupled with the amazing experience offered by the view of nature at the top. However, outdoor climbing is not recommended for an amateur. Your safety is paramount whenever you decide to go climbing because a missed step can lead to a fall that could result in a severe injury.

Your safety should first be put into consideration whenever you decide to engage in multiple climbing activities. Your climbing gear and every other safety item is a necessity for both beginners and professionals. Your level of confidence will be high, bearing in mind that your climbing gear and safety equipment are close by.

There are multiple climbing destinations to carry out your climbing activities and some of the best climbing destinations you can visit are listed below:

Squamish, BC, Canada

Squamish is situated in Canada and very popular among climbers as one of the best climbing places in the world. The edge of the road offers unbeatable and enormous walls of granite which makes at least one visit to Squamish a necessity for any traditional climber. Squamish is ideal for performing multiple pitches as you have the ability to carry out up to twenty pitches daily. Not only this, if you require a place to try out some skills on the world’s strongest grades, then Squamish is the perfect place to go as well as the best place for cragging. Nonetheless, what makes Squamish so special is the different level of difficulties you will encounter.

Devil's Lake State Park, Wisconsin

The majority of Midwest climbers are discouraged with the feeling that most of the superb climbs available are only found on the east coast or out west. On the other hand, if you need a cost-effective location to spend your weekend with several amazing cliffs, then Wisconsin is the perfect place. This is one of the locations that offer guide companions to both novice and intermediate climbers. A wonderful feature offered in this location is the opportunity to relieve your strained muscles in the Devil’s Lake after undergoing a rigorous climbing activity.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

A popular park located in California that allows all year free access without any limitation is the Joshua Tree National Park. You can choose from about 8000 routes located in the center of a high desert. Even though there are multiple routes in the park, it is usually occupied yet you can still get yourself an available space.

Always remember that exploring the park in the summer afternoon will cause a lot of discouragements, it is, therefore, better to visit in the early hours or in the evening.

Red River Gorge, Slade, Kentucky

Although most tourists don’t believe visiting Kentucky is a good choice climbers are already aware of the great rocks that are obtainable right on the Slade. This is a vast area with numerous climbing opportunities for climbers with different levels of skills. It is popularly known as “The Reds” with multiple routes in the territory of 5.6 to 5.8. Here, you can find some of the great climbing companions that will securely guide you through the gorge with every required guidance and climbing gear. You can experience an outdoor weekend in the woods in a cabin and it is compulsory while climbing on the Reds to have a nice time and a dinner at Miguel’s Pizza.

Leavenworth, Washington

Apart from the regional prominence of the Leavenworth neighborhood of Washington, it is also a wonderful place to visit for climbing activities. This small environment offers several routes coupled with a long record of bouldering and climbing activities. You can’t find a better place than Leavenworth if you need a place to just pull over and install a top rope. Leavenworth is challenging for any climber’s skill level with its enormous amount of granite crags. Traditional German meals and brews are also available to climbers in the Bavarian-designed community of Leavenworth after a rigorous climbing activity.

Final thoughts
A trip to any climbing location is usually filled with fun and excitement even though it is associated with challenges and risks. It is therefore important to go prepared with all necessary safety equipment and climbing gear before embarking on any climbing adventure. The above-outlined climbing locations are readily available to you.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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