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things everyone must do when visiting europe

Europe is a stunning place to visit; there are so many cultured cities to explore and attractions to see. You will never want to leave. Whether you love them or hate them, we all have a travel bucket list that we must do when visiting Europe. If you wish to relax on a gondola in Venice or stroll through the Louvre with your loved one, everyone must experience the wonder and fun of Europe and all it has to offer! 

Below is a short list of things everyone must do when visiting Europe. This includes some of the most popular tourist attractions and the hidden gems in amongst this bustling continent. 

Scale the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

A beautiful highlight of Paris has to be the iconic monument that is quintessential to the Paris experience, the Eiffel Tower. Open till 11pm at night, this most visited statue in Europe is a must-see for any visitor. Eat and drink at the bar on the top floor until late and enjoy a romantic night just for you and the one you love. Alternatively, you can climb the tower during daylight hours and look over the architecture that Paris has to offer. Perhaps even time your visit while the sun is setting as this is a sight to behold. 

Learn about The Beatles history (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

Liverpool is a city that every music fan has to experience during their lifetime. The countless regeneration schemes around the city add to the exploration of the city. Learn all about the history of the Beatles and where they came from with a day trip to Liverpool. If you wish to learn more about the city as a whole and the work going on around there that makes it a top up-and-coming city in Europe, then look at the developments by RW Invest. They have significantly contributed to the city and allowed it to flourish and grow as more tourists come to learn about one of the most historical bands in the world. There is a Beatles museum as well as the walking/bus tour you can experience if you want to indulge in a world of Penny Lane and Eleanor Rigby. 

Eat a Belgian Waffle (Brugge, Belgium)

Foodies rejoice as you enter the waffle capital of Europe. You can find this deliciously warm treat on most street corners across the country of Belgium, but Brugge is mainly known for being the best. Eat with whipped cream and strawberries or try adding some Nutella and bananas if you’re feeling adventurous. While you’re chomping down on your yummy waffle, stroll the streets of Brugge and explore all it has to offer you. 

Ride a Gondola (Venice, Italy)

All of the lovers out there may have only dreamed of experiencing Italy with their significant other. To truly explore Venice for how it was made to be seen, you should experience it from the water. Take a ride on a gondola and cruise the water streets of the countries love capital. You can choose to either row your gondola (although you may have to have experience if you’re doing this) or have a guide who shows you the way. Since there are no roads or cars on the island of Venice, it’s such a peaceful city with lots to see and do. 

Eat Trdelnik (Prague, Czech Republic)

Another experience for anyone who loves eating sweet treats, emerge yourself in a world of ice cream and syrup when you try a trdelnik in Prague. They’re a traditional cinnamon Czech treat that is just the ticket to make the frigid weather of Prague more bearable. It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick and then grilled with sugar on top. This treat is often filled ice cream or sometimes even an espresso shot with chocolate and other yummy fillings.  


Sharon Kalipai is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency in Denver, CO. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, dance and read books.

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