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7 effective hacks to avoid airline fees

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If you are an avid traveller and have recently flown to some adventurous place to create hilarious memories, then you might have observed that you have to be conscious on your budget especially when you plan to travel in the air.

Do you know the reason behind over exceeding airline fees? It is just the extra charges that you have to pay while travelling overseas like baggage fees, flight cancellation, food purchasing and many more. This list is a never-ending process which elevates the airlines fees. 

No doubt that travelling in the air is expensive, but it doesn't mean that you cannot have an economical air trip. It’s totally up to you that how you manage your pocket, save the overexcedding airfare and make the best of your holiday trip. 

Fees indeed vary by the airlines you travel, but planning also plays a significant role in avoiding unnecessary airline fees and being easy on your pockets. By diving into this article, you will get to know how you can save extra airfare and get rid of annoying airlines fees.

Best Tips to Save Airline Fees 

Now, take a look at some of the ways you can avoid overspending when flying. 

# Tip 1- Pack light 

Most of the airlines charge extra for oversize and overweight luggage. Suppose your weight exceeds the actual allowed weight. You have to pay approximately $75  to $100 per bag. 

If you are planning to travel in the air for your next holiday trip, then make sure you carry only the necessary things to manage your luggage weight. Keep in mind that the bags you carry should not be more than 62 inches, and the luggage weight must not exceed 50-pounds. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra at the last minute which might also create a time crises hustle. 

If you are planning to travel by Air Canada, then you must know Air Canada baggage allowance to minimize the overspending while flying in the air. 

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# Tip 2- Avoid cancelling your flights

Flight cancellation may cost you more than you imagine; it is not specific for one particular airline; most of the airlines are fee crazy and look for ways to exceed airfare fees.

But still, some of the airlines offer you the chance to get cancellation insurance which will help you to save bucks when you need to cancel.

If you don’t want to purchase cancellation insurance, then you can look for flexible airlines or airlines that allow you to cancel your reservation within the first 24 hours without a fee. See 24 hours cancellation policy.

# Tip 3- Make sure you book online tickets in advance

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If your plans are iffy, then make sure you purchase online tickets 2-3 days prior to the departure date and make the final payment through your debit or credit card. If you have travel recently you might have noticed that the prices of air tickets vary depending on the type of payment you choose.

There are various airlines like Delta and Continental that waive off their checked baggage fee if you purchase the air tickets via co-branded credit cards. If you dont carry a credit card, then need not fret! You can open another card to avail discount offers and save some dollars from your entire travelling budget.

Furthermore, one can consider booking their flights through Faremart, which is an online flight booking platforms that have access to 450+ airlines. It also offers 24*7 assistance on your air travel and also helps you to book air tickets at the lowest price.

# Tip 4- Avoid booking a specific seat

Paying auxiliary charges for choosing your seat in a plane is useless.

Usually, airlines provide an option to choose specific seats free of charge. You have to be little choosy while selecting the airlines you travel with. There are various airlines like British Airways that allows you to choose a specific seat without paying an additional fee.

If you skip the seat selection and travel on the allotted seats, then you can save up to $150 that you might have to spend while travelling on domestic flights. So, try to be a little selective and avoid this purgatory of paying extra charges.

# Tip 5- Bring your own food

It’s true that the food provided in the planes is costly and elevates the airfare. Nowadays, most of the airlines are fee crazy; therefore, they started charging extra even for the food they provide.

But still, some of the airlines give you free meals and drink. As per the airline policies, travellers will get at least one meal for free. But, to be on the positive side, try to travel with an airline that allows you to bring your own food.

Moreover, I recommend you to double-check the conditions of your ticket and don’t forget to carry your meal and other beverage to save extra charges on the plane.

# Tip 6- Fly on less busy days

Airlines exceed their ticketing cost gradually, especially in the holiday season as most of the people love travelling on weekends.

If you book your tickets in advance between Tuesdays to Thursdays, then you might be able to get your tickets at way too cheaper price than the actual price. Also, try to avoid a day before and after any major holiday.

# Tip 7- Bring along a book or magazine

Flights are usaully boring, so if you plan to travel for a long time, make sure you download the videos on Netflix or other social media app to avoid being bored.

Now you might be thinking why I am asking you to download the entertainment video in advance because if you avail Wi-Fi facility, then you might have to pay approx $7 to $8 per hour depending on your airline.

If watching movies or videos is not your thing and reading is your way to go, then look for the airlines that allow you to carry magazines or books without adding entertainment charges to your airfare.

In a Crux

By now, you might have an idea about the things you should consider to avoid extra airlines fees and save some money while travelling in the air.

Also, if you are planning to travel anytime soon, then you may also follow these 14 tips for frequent travellers. By considering these tips, you would be able to travel comfortably at the best prices.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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