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Discount Lodging throughout the United States

by Every Ann Bolo

Whether you are thinking of taking in the sights of busy Manhattan, or are fond of the idea of exploring the hiking trails of Yosemite National Park, you can count on the fact that never too far away there will be a choice of hotels waiting for you in the wings. Hotels in the United States number as many as the attractions do, perhaps more. Finding a place to rest your head at night while you travel through this large and beautiful country is, for the most part, the least of your worries, really. With United States hotels to fit pretty much every budget and taste, securing a home away from home that doesn’t compromise the integrity of your American vacation is something you can generally bet the farm on.

If you are flying to your United States destination, you will generally find hotels near the airport offering good rooms at good prices for weary travelers. If you are driving from place to place on the system of well-developed U.S. highways, then the relatively cheap hotels found off many a highway exit provide discount lodging convenience for when your eyelids grow heavy. And, with the growing amount of internet sites dedicated to helping travelers find traditional and discount lodging, arranging hotel reservations ahead of time is easier and more affordable than ever. Most of the well-established hotels in the country allow you to make hotel reservations online, so you can check availability or make sure that your room will be ready when you arrive. The Las Vegas hotels and Atlantic City hotels are good candidates for establishments that woo-in guests by often throwing great deals out there.

The Las Vegas hotels welcome scores of yearly visitors looking for a room in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. On the Vegas Strip, giants in the business like Bally’s and Harrah’s occupy some of the most prime real estate in the country. The Vegas Strip casino hotels are in the business of either matching or exceeding the quality and originality of their neighbors, so you can count on the rooms being generally fantastic, and the amenities overflowing. The most prominent casino Las Vegas hotels feature some of the best entertainment acts you will find anywhere in the world, and their restaurants are raising the bar when it comes to Las Vegas dining. For Las Vegas hotels that won’t cost quite as much, you can always look downtown, where the money you save might keep you in that Blackjack game a little longer. On the other side of the country, the Atlantic City hotels share much in common with those in Vegas, as many are offered in conjunction with a top casino. The Atlantic City hotels have been redefining themselves a bit lately, and if you haven’t been to the Jersey seashore to check out this historic resort town lately, then you might be surprised at the caliber of some of the accommodations. The Water Club hotel, which will be the finishing touch on the Borgata’s $600 million revamp, will bring not only an attractive new addition to the Atlantic City hotels skyline, but will also become a major player in the luxury category.

You will likely notice that if you are searching for hotels in the downtown sections of most U.S. cities, that the rates will be higher than those hotels found on the fringes of all the activity. Makes sense. The New York City hotels are among the most expensive downtown U.S. hotels, but with attractions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square and Broadway to boast, you can understand the inflated prices. The Midtown Manhattan New York City hotels are among the finest in town, offering a list of luxury rooms that are housed in some of the city’s most architecturally-impressive structures. But, the Midtown Manhattan hotels shouldn’t be your only consideration. In trendy neighborhoods and districts like the Upper West Side, SoHo and Greenwich Village, the New York City hotels are often unique and just as attractive. If it’s the dead of Winter, and you don’t feel like traipsing about Central Park in the cold and snow, there’s always great Miami hotels waiting mostly for visitors who have been weathering the northern elements. If you want one of the best Miami beaches within walking distance, the city’s best nightclubs nearby, and scores of interesting restaurants and shops at your disposal, you might stay at one of the Miami Beach-South Beach Miami hotels. These can be pretty steep in price, as this part of the city is an international playground of sorts, but no need to fret. Even with many of the discount Miami hotels, you can stay somewhere chic and satisfying.

From five-star Fifth Avenue, to a dazzling beach resort, the United States luxury hotels provide the best in service, and amenities fit for a king. Chain hotels like Holiday Inn and Marriott offer both mid-priced and upscale hotel options for those who are generally looking for a lot, but not too much. Other chain hotel brands like Motel 6 and Super 8 provide a fair room at a fair price, and for those looking for discount lodging, they are both safe and comfortable. Choosing from the far-ranging kinds of hotels for your United States vacation is part of the fun. Will you stay at a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, or will you choose a bed and breakfast for that romantic getaway in New England? Perhaps you and the family are looking for thrills in Disneyland, and want to stay at a hotel within the park. Maybe you are bringing the kids to see Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota and just want a fairly-priced family hotel. Wherever your aim takes you, and regardless of the makeup of your group, finding United States hotels that are appropriate for your needs is part of why this great country is such a joy to explore.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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