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Australia's Best Cafes With The Most Delicious Coffee For Students

Almost no one starts their day without a cup of coffee. And this is not just a drink. It is a ritual and a little addiction. Coffee houses open very early, many of them start their day at 6 in the morning. The population of the green continent is early birds, so baristas start their workday really early. People like to wake up, go for a run, take a shower and wrap in a cafe on the way to work. The standard order to take away is coffee and toast.

Australians will not drink just anything. No surprise that they call themselves a nation of coffee snobs. After all, have you heard about the Starbucks network? Insanely successful American franchise in Australia went with difficulty. In 2008, they closed 61 out of 85 houses. The people were not satisfied with the insufficiently bright and saturated aroma, even though a special sort was developed, which theoretically could win the local market. There are queues mainly from tourists and Asians. And that shows the coffee culture Australians have.

In Melbourne, you will find a coffee shop on almost every corner. You can find tons of Australian articles about them on the Internet. The mania is remarkable here. You will understand that in the morning when you see queues for cafes, mainly for takeaway coffee. The second run is usually in the middle of the working day. People go on a break and take a cup of flavored drink. Yes, and business meetings, which often take place in an Australian cafe, cannot be imagined without a Long Black.
If you need a favor from someone, offer to meet for a cup of this popular drink and pay for your counterpart. Your request will be fulfilled much faster than without this little sign.


One of the negative aspects of coffee mania (the effect of large doses on the heart is omitted) is the love of coffee flies into a pretty penny. A small cup of a drink costs on average $3.50. By simple mathematical operations, one can calculate that five modest “coffee” trips per week cost about $17. For the year accumulates $910. And if you go to a cafe a couple of times a day, then multiply everything by two. In the case when there are two coffee lovers in a family, the amount is automatically doubled.

As an option - you can put a coffee machine at home. This is becoming an increasingly popular thing here. People prepare their morning coffee, poured into a thermocup and go to work. Is it cheaper? The answer is definitely yes!
In general, coffee houses are a hugely profitable business. In 2013 the turnover of the coffee business in Australia was $4.96 billion. The flow of customers is consistently growing.

Best places to drink coffee in Australia

So, here is a list of top good cafes to drink coffee in.

1. The Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar

"The Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar" became the "nail" and the central scene of the 2013 Melbourne Culinary and Wine Festival. Situated on the square of Queensbridge, the empty space on the banks of the Yarra River has been turned into a magnificent installation depicting a tropical coffee plantation.
Here you can observe a lot of relaxed students who may have ordered academic papers from Australian essay writing service. As they slowly sip different kinds of coffee and talk about future holiday plans.


2. Industry Beans

The project consisted of a cafe and a coffee roasting shop on the basis of the existing production premises. The key features of the design were the doubled ceiling height in the reception room and the use of economical materials to warm the room and create an “industrial” atmosphere, such as pallets and sheets of ordinary plywood. Rotary panels were used for exterior design allowing effective protection from adverse weather conditions.

3. Single Origin Roasters
There is a wide variety of Sydney cafes in the area but the new design of Origin Single, a longtime favorite in Surrey Hills among passionate coffee lovers, was supposed to provide both pure aesthetics that meet high culinary standards, and include some extravagant elements that reflect and emphasize a touch of risk and experiment inherent in business.

4. Dukes Coffee Roasters
One of the most popular and lively streets of Melbourne, Chapel Street, sheltered a solid coffee maker in the face of Dukes Coffee Roasters. The space similar to a warehouse-type cave is made in brick and wood. From the concrete mosaic floor blows warm. But the lighting is the part of the design that attracts the most. Daylight penetrates through a huge window, and as you move inwards, it interferes with the darkness and the pillars of light falling from the ceiling directly on the tables. It feels like you're on set.
Speaking of food, we simply label it: excellent! Morning should start with avocado-humus toast with poached eggs, honey bacon, and mix seasonings. An alternative is smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, salmon caviar, and cream chervil.

5. Market Lane
Passing through Queen Victoria Market do not forget to look into the Market Lane. The micro-coffee shop is located in the house where the antique shop once flourished. Not a trace remains from the past. Now the interior space is adorned with white-painted brick walls and minimalist shelves filled with coffee and related products for sale.
Judging by the approach, it becomes clear: this cafe is not like the others. You will not be able to order there either hot chocolate or decaffeinated coffee. These guys are serious, and coffee is king here. However, they have excellent brownies and carrot pies, and no one will mind if you bring a couple of donuts from the market.

So, for a coffee lover, Australia is simply a paradise; here you can get coffee in all its variations at almost any time of the day. They drink it everywhere: on the beach, in the store, in the park, at work, on the way to the electric train, in the electric train, in the line, in traffic. Even in McDonald’s, there are baristas who prepare excellent coffee.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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