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Unforgettable Travel Memories: Creating Souvenirs with Custom Event Badges

Custom event badges can be surprisingly fantastic mementos. Depending on their design, they can also be helpful in various ways while the event continues. Let’s discuss some tips for creating custom event badges that wearers will want to take home and keep as souvenirs. 

Decide on a memory and feeling

What type of memory do you want to create for the wearer? Is there a feeling you want to evoke? Once you have them in mind, you can start to develop design concepts for the custom event badges, such as those available from www.bagtagsinc.com. It helps narrow down and focus your ideas rather than have them scattered. 

Use a bold design 

Attendees likely will not want to keep the custom event badges if they are boring and offer no exciting design. Yes, one or two lines of text depicting the event's name are fine, but more is needed. A spirited, vibrant design can make the custom event badge ideal to hold onto. 

As important as having the event's name on the custom event badge, focus more on the image itself. That will be more of what constitutes a meaningful design worth remembering. 

The purpose and subject matter of the event should serve as inspiration. For instance, let’s say you plan an event focusing on outdoor adventures and sports. A landscape background of a beautiful locale could be one idea to consider that is both beautiful and bold while still reflecting the event’s theme.

Stay calm about having to get everything perfect the first time around. While you should plan to make the draft everything you want for the concept, you will typically be able to see a proof of the constructed design so you can decide if it is ready to go to production or if you want to make specific changes that can make the configuration even better.

Use a complementary font

The font and design should complement each other. Choose the design you want to use that best reflects the vibe you are going for, then go from there with choosing the color and style of font. You may have to mix and match to play around with shade and style options until you find the ones that work best, but it will be worth it when you come up with the perfect pairing. 

Consider a QR code

You can use a QR code on a custom event badge in several ways, including creating a digital business card. It is a fantastic option for significant events where you can meet new people but want to avoid carrying around many physical business cards you might acquire along the way. Interested parties can scan the QR code and send your details to them, making it a much easier way to make contacts and network.

Plan the back

You could choose from various designs to put on the back of the custom event badge, but consider doing a schedule of events. It serves multiple purposes, including allowing attendees easy access to the information so they know where they need to be and when. The printed schedule can also be a fantastic aspect of a souvenir-worthy badge as it details each event attendees can attend, such as at a festival where there are often several smaller events going on at a time.

Suppose you are going on a cross-country trip, following your favorite band, or attending an out-of-state family reunion. Listing specific locations and dates while highlighting the main event of each date is an excellent way to utilize custom event badges for your travel plans. Using the back of the custom event badge lets you plan your trip accordingly and ensure you attend all the events. 

Pick a lanyard

A lanyard is a versatile fastener that ensures attendees always have their badge on hand throughout the event. They do not have to carry the badges in their hands, bags, or wallets, making it easy to smoothly transition from one event to the next without slowing down the line. Stock options are available, such as ones in plain black, or you can create a custom design. 

Decide about names 

While it’s not crucial to have the attendees’ names on the badges, it can be a good idea for event verification purposes. It also adds to the memento effect, creating a personalized souvenir they can keep. 

When deciding on a design for the custom event badge, start by listing the non-negotiable information you want to have on it. Once you complete your list, start brainstorming design ideas to take the badge from a simple pass for the event to a souvenir you will be happy to still have years from now.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the businesses in question before making your plans.

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